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Business Process Analysis and Improvement Essay

Business Process Analysis and Improvement - Essay Example Seethamraju and Marjanovic (920) indicate that among other things increased competition, in shareholder requirements and new technologies are forcing organizations to make major changes very quickly. In TS’s case, customer requirements are driving these changes and BPM is required in order to respond appropriately. The CEO is not pleased with the current process and is concerned that the survival of the business is at stake. The recruitment process needs to be improved in order to make it faster, cheaper and more flexible as well as to achieve better quality results. The task is to investigate the process and analyze the current issues and provide well-argued proposals for the short-term and long-term future of the process. Only the first part of the process will be looked at and so the task is to carry out a detailed analysis of the coordination of the recruitment advertising and vacancy processing process. One of the aims is to ensure that information on job openings are kno wn early so that the process can be completed in an efficient and effective manner. As noted the primary goal of the recruitment process is fast processing time and high client satisfaction. The current recruitment process at TS is rather lengthy and comprehensive. The result is that the private sector gets the best candidate because their process is more efficient and effective. The following are some of the issues at TS which has been having a negative impact on the service that the organization offers. Instructions relating to the recruitment process should be applied on a consistent basis throughout the organization. Exceptions should only relate to jobs for which no specific qualifications are required. Updated instructions should be made available to all personnel to whom it is applicable. This requires updates to be done regularly as part of the continuous improvement process which is a feature of business process improvement.

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The Malaysian Economy: Booming :: essays research papers

The Malaysian Economy: Booming The Economy: Following a period of severe and prolonged recession, the Malaysian economy has returned to growth aided by a relaxation of monetary and fiscal policies and by increased export demand, particularly in the electronics sector. While the world economic slowdown was more severe than expected and the unprecedented September 11 events in the United States had widespread implications for all economies, Malaysia was able to steer away from a major economic contraction and GDP growth for the year remained in positive territory. However, given the openness of its economy with trade accounting for about 200 percent of GDP, Malaysia was not spared from the negative effects of the United States economic slowdown. These effects came in the form of declining manufacturing production and negative export growth, particularly of electronics. Nevertheless, the government’s initiation of strong monetary and fiscal policies to stimulate economic growth through accelerating domestic economic activi ties and reducing the over-dependence on exports helped the nation to sustain a positive real GDP growth. Since 1998 the Government has relaxed the equity guidelines for investment in the manufacturing sector. Foreigners can now own 100% equity regardless of the level of exports and several incentives have also been introduced recently to promote the manufacturing-related services sector. Foreign Direct Investment has been the key to the country's remarkable success in recent years. Hundreds of international companies have so far established themselves in the country, attracted by the favorable investment environment has made Malaysia one of the world’s top locations for offshore manufacturing operations. Manufacturing is now the largest export sector of the economy (contributing around 34% of GDP and employing nearly 28% of the labor force in 2000). The electronics sector (radios and television) is the main export earner followed by processed foods, rubber, chemicals, timber, petroleum-refining and automobile manufacturing. In 2001, the impact of the slowdown in economic activity was also felt by the labor market, particularly in terms of unemployed workers in the manufacturing sector. However, given the flexibility accorded by the labor market, alternative measures that were adopted by employers (such as pay cuts and temporary layoffs) helped contain the number of workers unemployed. The Malaysian exchange rate remained pegged to the US dollar at the rate of RM3.80 per US dollar in 2001 (an arrangement that has been effective since 2 September 1998). The ‘Ringgit’ appreciated against all major currencies, including regional currencies in tandem with the strong U.

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Essay

Shelley wanted the audience in this scene to feel greater sympathy for the monster as he is turned away yet again by mankind because he is simply judged too quickly because of his appearance. Branagh remains true to Shelley’s intentions in this scene by making the monster appear heartbroken. Cries echo through the forest, he runs with a limp through the forest away from the house and collapses on the ground as soon as he thinks he is out of sight from the family. These things were very good for building up sympathy for the monster. This scene is also where we see the monster beginning to change. He goes back to the house and sees that the family have fled their home, this makes the monster so angry and upset that he sets fire to the cottage and swears that he will have revenge on the man who made him, so he reads the journal left in his jacket and goes to Geneva to get his revenge on Frankenstein. Branagh made this part of his film very dramatic by using very fast powerful music against the roaring of flames and black smoke that engulfed the cottage and the monster stood in front of the cottage looking fiercely at the flames with a look of anger in his eyes. This is good because it shows that the emotions and feelings which the monster has been hiding are all being forced out of him because he is determined to find answers to all the questions he has about his life and this is exactly how Shelley intended this scene to look as the monster suddenly realises his purpose of life is an experiment. When the monster kills William and sets up Justine Branagh managed to plan this very well because Shelley wanted the monster to kill the little brother and also be able to plant it on Justine without losing sympathy from the audience for the monster and Branagh is able to do this by not actually showing the monster killing William. In the next scene the monster and Frankenstein meet in the mountains, the monster has his chance to get his answers from the man who made him. The monster comes across as being very certain of his knowledge and his feelings. This appears to scare Frankenstein because he doesn’t actually know why he did something so evil and didn’t realise the greatness of the pain he had caused. Shelley wanted this conversation between the monster and Frankenstein to make the audience judge the monster as the ‘good guy’ and Frankenstein as the ‘bad guy. ‘ Branagh does this by making the monster talk and ask a lot more questions than Frankenstein. Frankenstein has a look of shock on his face throughout the conversation but the monster looks very certain and meaningful of everything he says to Victor, again making the monster seem superior to Frankenstein. Shelley wanted the audience to feel that the monster only did certain evil things because he was given emotions and senses but not shown how to use them and Branagh fits that into the film by the monster asking Victor Why he made him and brought him into the world to live and so very quickly and then left him to die. Shelley believed that no child should be bought into the world without being loved by parents; Branagh shows this belief of Shelley’s by building up a father and son relationship and shows the father-like character abandoning an innocent child-like character. The monster asks one thing of Frankenstein and that is to have a bride that will look as ‘ugly’ as him so that she would accept him for whom he is and vows that they will never be seen again. This again shows the maturity and sense of the monster. Frankenstein grants him this and promises he will have his bride. Frankenstein doesn’t keep his promise and returns home to marry his bride and travel away with armed men on their wedding night so they will have protection if the monster does come to kill them which he promised he would if he did not get his bride. It is a dark and stormy night and raining very heavily which makes it very hard to see through the dark night, Frankenstein goes outside because he thinks he hears the monsters pipe playing and leaves Elizabeth on her own, quiet slow music start to play but it starts to get faster and louder which says to the viewer that the monster is close by, which he is because he climbs through the window and punches Elizabeth in the chest and pulls her heart out, spraying blood everywhere making a very gruesome sound and very nasty to look at. Frankenstein refuses to accept the death of his new bride so he takes her back to his laboratory and starts cutting up Justine’s body and stitching parts of her and Elizabeth together and revives her so once again we see all the gory bits of limbs being cut up and sewn together, as Elizabeth awakens she realises what Victor has done to her as the monster comes into the laboratory and mistakes her for his bride which victor had promised her, she becomes so angry and upset with the fact that she has been part of Victor ‘playing God’ she sets herself on fire and runs through the house alighting everything. This scene is again highly over exaggerated, as it is very gory and horrifically unnecessary to the viewer. As Walton and his crew come to burn Frankenstein’s body the monster emerges from the distance and is offered by Walton to come with them, this being his first offering of acceptance to mankind, the monster says â€Å"he was my father† and decides to set himself alight upon Frankenstein’s body so that they burnt together. I think Branagh managed to remain true to most of Shelley’s intentions of ‘Frankenstein’ by portraying the monsters character as a very innocent, childlike character linking it all in very well with Shelley’s beliefs she had before and whilst writing ‘Frankenstein’. Branagh definitely pandered to the accepted stereotype of the horror genre by showing a lot of close-ups of quite disturbing images and very horrific noises that went with the images that a book can’t do. Branagh also used a very wide range of music that managed to fit into all the horrific parts of his film very well. Charlotte Tufnell 10M Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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Scholars As Well As Public Figures Have Suggested That

Scholars as well as public figures have suggested that a world run by women would, fundamentally, be a more peaceful and equal one. ladies, as the stereotype goes (and, actually, as a decent amount of empirical research suggests), tend to be more collaborative in work and leadership, more empathetic, and much, much less violent on an individual level. ,as Vice President Joe Biden recently suggested â€Å"foreign policy is a logical extension of personal relationships, â€Å"and if women are widely acknowledged to be canny at conducting them, perhaps it follows that female leadership in international affairs would produce more empathy and collaboration between countries. To the extent that global problems like violence and inequality are failures of†¦show more content†¦It is the precondition for such peace. There cannot be peace between nations until there is peace between the two halves of humanity, the mothers and fathers of all living and all yet to live. Steinem sees a connection between what we have chosen to normalize in male-female relations, and what we see at the level of state and society. â€Å"The family is the basic cell of the government,† she explains, â€Å"it is where we are trained to believe that we are human beings or that we are chattel, it is where we are trained to see the sex and race divisions and become callous to injustice even if it is done to ourselves, to accept as biological a full system of authoritarian government.† Truly, it should not come as a surprise to us that societies which are rooted in male dominance over females are in no way peaceful or democratic; as noted by Steinem. â€Å"We are never going to have democratic countries or peaceful countries until we have democratic or peaceful families because you must teach men to dominate in order to maintain a male-dominated system and that is a very ugly education, indeed, where the first to be dominated are those within men’s own families who are different from them Domestic violence is the seedbed of all other violence based onShow MoreRelatedFreakonomics : Ten Ideas For Make Politics Less Rotten1168 Words   |  5 PagesFreakonomics Radio asks different politicians and scholars from both sides of the political spectrum what ideas and practices must go to improve the political atmosphere and restore our country’s greatness. Olympia Snowe proposed we eliminate the closed primaries. The nomination process is faulty because those who choose the nominees are only those who are registered strong supporters of their party. This results in extremists entering the public election exclusively. The moderate has lost theirRead MoreGender Inequality In Australia Essay1622 Words   |  7 PagesWestern women have traditionally been perceived as the inferior sex, or the domestic partner, subjected wholly to the private sphere, and stripped of legal rights and standing. Meanwhile, men are depicted as the breadwinner, the strong, masculine and dominant partner, who belongs primarily to the public sphere. These historic gender norms have been deeply imbedded within Australia’s social foundation, and although society has gradually shifted away from these roles, evidence suggests that this genderRead MoreHoward Zinn s The United States997 Words   |  4 Pagesa History Channel documentary based on Zinn s work. Z inn himself was until his death in 2010 a heroic figure to many, especially for this book and for his ongoing teaching and social activism, which were directly related. A People s History of the United States was praised from the moment it appeared on shelves. A 1980 Library Journal review called it brilliant and moving and said it was well-designed to appeal to both historians and general readers. However, the volume was not without its criticismsRead MoreObesity And Its Effects On Obesity1554 Words   |  7 Pagescondition that is characterized by excess body weight due to the overconsumption of calories in relation to the calorie loss. There are however other associated causes of obesity that have been identified by the scholars and the variables involved in the trend of this condition have a significant correlation. Different tools have been implemented overtime in the management of obesity to mitigate the short term and the long-term effects that result from this condition. However, there has been a variance inRead MoreEmily Dickson Life1088 Words   |  4 Pages Emily Dickinson Life’s Emily Dickinson was an American writer that changed the way people view poetry, females’ authors, and symbolism. Her work are celebrated the world over for their simplicity, beauty, and imagery. Also her life is very well-known and a topic of interest for millions of people around the world. Emily Dickinson was a very influential poet and will be remembered in history forever. Dickinsons poetic accomplishment was known from the moment her first volume appeared in 1890Read MoreLiterature Review Of Literature On Economic Inequality1470 Words   |  6 Pages2008. This expanded literature has left to a shift away from the ideas established by Simon Kuznets. The financial crisis seems to have sparked a vast amount of public disapproval which has been reflected in the increased literature and popularity as shown through French economist Thomas Piketty’s best-seller ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’. This crash appears to have caused a shift away from the idea that inequality is a part of the development process. Economic Growth equates to improved socialRead MoreEvaluation of Effectiveness of Community Care Fund: Should the Government Intervene?1561 Words   |  7 Pagesprojects. Some scholars argued that the Government has several weaknesses which make it not an ideal initiator of CSR projects, while others hold another view that the Government has its advantages in doing so. In this essay, the CCF will be used as a case study to illustrate whether the Government should engage in CSR. The effectiveness of the CCF will be reviewed first, and then followed by an analysis in applying arguments from scholars, finally a conclusion will be drawn. It is suggested that the GovernmentRead MoreThe Phenomena Behind Equity Risk Premium Discussion For 35 Years1365 Words   |  6 Pagesnamed volatility puzzle by scholars who have studied this paradox as well. Just after 3 years from Schiller work on historical volatility, Mehra and Prescott (1985) introduced the equity premium puzzle. It is mainly bas ed on the lack of evidence for a high risk premium in terms of consumption growth. In other words, investors require and have high returns which have low covariance with consumption growth. Using Schiller’s data collected on the volatility puzzle, they have found out that between 1889Read MoreDoc, Pdf1169 Words   |  5 Pagesgain public support. Once such key figure, Mary Kingsley, an English ethnographic writer who explored West Africa, argued that since Africans were an uncivilized, inferior race, it would be futile to â€Å"rule him through institutions modeled on European lines, as the missionaries and the Colonial Office had been doing. Africans†¦ should be ruled through their own institutions.† (Kingsley, Travels in West Africa, 20) She also pointed to the unnecessarily high cost of the Crown Colony system as well as theRead MoreEssay on Cave Paintings1253 Words   |  6 Pagesthe damage being caused by human beings. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;In Lascaux this elegant cave painting is comprised of almost six hundred figures of different animals. The cave art at Lascaux is comprised of horses, bison, cattle and hinds as suggested by the Columbia Encyclopedia in its article Paleolithic Art. It is suggested that the art â€Å"may have a ritual significance to hunting†. (Columbia) These animal paintings in the cave vary in size but the bulls specifically range from thirteen to