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The best of hiring employee's Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The best of hiring employees - Essay ExampleManagers and business owners should not exercise their managerial prerogative without interference from the other actors in the employment relationship because it will violate rights of employees and threaten their freedoms.The primary(prenominal) practices which lead to success are careful analysis of personalities and qualification of employees. Managers state that employees should have the same nerve values, attitudes and aptitudes as the company. Also, they have experience in business and a great desire to work for the company. even so if employees lack skills and knowledge, the company will teach and educate them in order to develop the right person. Workers sack address job issues with their employer through direct communication to bring actual and desired conditions closer together. The verbalise mechanism is superior to the exit one because, as firms address the concerns of their existing labor force, workers are more likely t o remain with the firm. Managers and entrepreneurs admit that if there is less turnover of skilled employees so it helps the company to humble the cost of hiring and training new employees.The organization could hire employees taking into account their analytical and practical skills.

Managment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Managment - Essay ExampleThe paper ends with drawing on general and specific lessons out of the case study for management today. The Issue mainly in allude is the importance of governmental instability in management decision making. favourite uprising Before scratch line this paper lets have a look at the word universal uprising. Popular Uprising as defined by the free dictionary has got two meanings Widely appealed 1. Revolt against a state authority or constituted government or its laws a rebellion. 2. Act or any(prenominal) instance of rising or of rising up. While the reverso.net dictionary defines it as Popular An act astray accepted or appealed Uprising A revolt or a rebellion Introduction to popular uprisings in Middle East Between the late 2010 and the early 2011 a wave of many off-the-cuff revolts in Tunisia along with Egypt led to the downfall of local regimes. The foreign exporters and the investors in these countries are being affect by the ongoing events, includ ing industrial action, preparation chain disruptions, looting, and increased counterparty risk. Furthermore, the success of initial protests ignited naked tensions across the Middle East and the North Africa (MENA), threatening the very stability of Bahrain, Iran, Jordan, Algeria, Libya and Yemen. Uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt The catalyst for uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia revolts was the suicide of, Mohamed Bouazizi, in the Tunisian town in December 2010 he set himself on good time to revolt against a decision by local authorities to seize his wares. Within few weeks demonstrations open up in whole country, as many Tunisians took to the street for protest against political repression and living conditions. Unrest in Egypt Overthrown President Hosni Mubaraks regime in February led to an unprecedented uprising that was unable to stop. The aims of the revolt were to get it Ben Ali and replace his authoritarian reign with a multi-party democracy. General effects on economy and b usinesses The wave of new-made uprisings that is sweeping across the Middle East along with the North Africa is set to have a major(ip) impact on the risks of doing businesses in such country. As political instability keeps on rising in these regions, companies some the world would need to prepare for thereafter knock on effects on the supply chains and business costs occurring across most sectors. This would in the short term cause political instability and economic breakdown in the affected countries which is likely to impact the supply chains around the world and the textile companies in Europe and consumer goods producers from China and other Asian economies are the ones most vulnerable to these shocks. The careful monitoring of such political and economic trends, the alternative sourcing and the stockpiling are the strategies that can drop the impacts of these disruptions. The longer term effects would include heightened political risk that could lead to deteriorating econom ic conditions and tighter access to credit, fosterage the payment risks for the companies that are dealing with MENA (other emerging markets). Adequate political and export risk insurance spawn and safe trade terms, such as the documentary credit, will be essentials to mitigating counterparty risk. In the wake of the modern crisis in the MENA region, the lenders and insurance companies are likely to upwardly re price the risk premium that is attached to dealing with such

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Human Resources Planning in Mergers and Acquisitions Term Paper

world Resources Planning in Mergers and Acquisitions - Term Paper ExampleThis project deals with the role of the human resources in cases of coalition and acquisitions. Introduction Mergers and Acquisitions lead the way for enormous growth but it is not possible with disclose having a fitting humanity Resources team which plays a critical role in making or breaking the M&A. M any businesses do not consider the human resources aspect as important to the M&A dodge but research shows that the biggest problems incurred when making a M&A transition are change magnitude attrition, poor communication, key employees giving up their job, adjustment problems to new method implemented and cultural incompatibility. though Mergers and acquisitions aim at the growth of the organizations but in reality, these are extremely difficult corporate practices in the sense that the expected synergy is often not achieved and follows a complex and exhaustive process of strategy implementation. The reas ons behind a merger may vary for different cases, so the military personnel Resource problematical should make a good assessment of the M&A process about the objectives behind the merger. word of honor A business needs to consider the following critical factors for a successful transition aft(prenominal) the Merger & acquisition takes place Pre-acquisition Due Diligence Audit The due diligence portion of an M&A comes after the purchase company makes the formal offer of purchasing to the other company. The management from the purchasing company undertakes an assessment to evaluate the financial as well as the strategic aspects of the deal. The potential suer company evaluates the benefit structure of the other business so that the Human resources from the purchasing company specifically assess the benefits structure of the other company to find out if there are any live or potential issues running in the latter which may cause a freeing of a signifi derrieret amount for the co mpany as an offering. These problems may be any health insurance big bucks or any pension plan which are not properly funded, the cost of employees compensation cosmos not under control or pending employment lawsuits all of which may cause loss for the company after the merger. Every aspect of human resource should be considered to find out if the can company is compliant in their working with recruitment and manpower planning, compensation program, training and development program, Human resource information systems, Government compliance, employee relations and safety and environment issues. The due diligence should be carried out in areas of potential exposure so that action plans can be recommended when the deal is closed (Cartwright and Cooper, 212). Employee concerns Human resource plays a vital role in the process of altering both the companies so that they can work together. This process may take a long time to be completed and competent by all the employees of the compa ny. When a Merger or an Acquisition takes place, the structure and working of both the organizations bear with some changes like altering departments, combining teams or eliminating unnecessary positions. In this process of change, the Human resource plays an important role in helping the employees adapt these changes. Human Resources communicate these changes to the employees and also clarify any queries or issues arising out of these changes (Gaughan, 9-10).They provide an avid description of the new roles and responsibilities the employee in the altered organization structure. Additionally, the HR team designs a unified process to deal with the arising human resource

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Socail processes and practices on identity development Essay

Socail processes and practices on individuation culture - Essay Example2002, pp. 359-378). Social processes and practices consider check to result from disabled persons as an oppressed group and restrictions. This paper critically evaluates and examines affable processes and practices on the development of identity.Impairment encompasses a functional limitation produced by deficiency. On the other hand, disability includes all exclusions out-of-pocket to social or physical barriers and it incorporates persons in other socially excluded groups such as ethnic minorities, despicable persons, and women. Individual and collective identities remain determined by motivational, cognitive, and social processes and practices. The orientation of social restraint centers on the degree to which a group or person would wish and support a groups hierarchy, along with the dominance of superior social groups over inferior groups. In addition, the impact of social processes and practices would be moderated by identity. Contextual practices or situational processes would not affect gender differences in orientation of social dominance (Guimond et al. 2003, pp. 697-712).The orientation of social dominance mediates the relationship between attitudes towards identity and social processes or practices in the framework of a subjective classification system set or self-selection. In addition to self-selection, the impact of the social processes and practices causes significant changes in beliefs and attitudes in several ways conditional on the situational context of the personality model. On the other hand, the outcomes of a social group model indicate that the acquisition of dominant identity clay significant to the socialization process. This change could also be attributed to cognitive psychology, as individuals would want to justify their identity in social activities. Hence, in establishing the identity of a disabled person, it would be

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Should prisoners be given the right to vote in UK Essay

Should pris peerlessrs be given the reform to suffrage in UK - Essay ExampleHaving the status prisoner on an individuals bio does not help their chances of integrating into the community and tends to lock them out of most of the privileges that are enjoyed by the rest of the society. At the moment this also includes voting opportunities that are available to others as that privilege is revoked by the government (Lynch, 2007). However, the head remains of whether this is an ethic whollyy acceptable arrangement or is change needed in this department in the long run to improve the democratic movement that is supported by a large volume of people.In order to study this question and come up with an acceptable response it is important for one to look at all the perspectives that views that are involved when it comes to the issue of allowing prisoners to vote. Other aspects of the subject that should be examine include the various parties that are involved in the making of this finding as well as those that are affected by it. These include the legislators and (depending on various factors, such as whether a referendum is held on the matter) at times the public opinion on the side of those involved in forming of the concerned laws and the prisoners as well as society on the side of those who will be affected by the decision made (Harel, 2008). This is essential as making a right decision depends on knowing all the factors involved as well as the potential impact that certain decisions will have in the long run. It should be noted that the voting process is part of the democratic setup that was developed to hold back the presence of fairness and equality to all citizens (Ross, 2011).As afore mentioned, taking a closer look at the main groups that are involved and affected by the final decision on whether prisoners should be allowed to vote will allow one to come up with a more overall view of the view and various circumstances involved. They includeThese are the main group of people that are

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Role of Cooperation in Controlling Anarchy Essay

character reference of Cooperation in Controlling Anarchy - Essay ExampleInayatullah (1997) provided a theoretical perspective on lawlessness and cooperation suggesting that neo-realism tends to rely on a negative interpretation on the theory of spontaneous order. Inyataullah suggests that institutions which emerge ad libitum tend to show some form of design thus design and human reflexivity target an overlap of intentions and outcomes. But how would a theory of order or disorder relate to supranational traffic and where in the discourse can we place anarchy and cooperation as necessary purposes to define IR? As Inayatullah suggests, the study of intended actions is an essential part of international relations theory and outcomes of IR focus on values underlying theory and practice. Possibly this is where anarchy and cooperation become important within international relations. weber points out that the institutional choices of different countries tend to focus on economic theor ies of organization emphasizing on cooperative security theorys with elements of bindingness. He suggests that the hierarchical security structures in the international system remain undetermined and hierarchy is usually explained amidst anarchy. In a similar study, Malcolm (2002) took a different view on the concept of anarchy and its portrayal in international relations study. Hobbes theory of international relations, for exemplify, has been branded as realist considering that the international system is in complete anarchy where no law could be possibly applied and each acts of violence would remain justified.... In a similar study, Malcolm (2002) took a different view on the concept of anarchy and its portrayal in international relations study. Hobbes theory on international relations for instance has been branded as realist considering that the international system is in complete anarchy where no law could be possibly applied and any acts of violence would remain justified. However Malcolm seems to go against the traditional interpretation of Hobbes pragmatic viewpoints and suggests that Hobbes theory does make provisions for international law showing why international cooperation is essential within the necessities of an international system. Malcolms interpretations of Hobbes could be closer to Rationalist theories although he does point out that Hobbes theory was a rude(a) law theory that in more compatible with realism than rationalism. Fidler (2003) points out to the importance of public wellness in world politics and international relations and the role of health concepts to define anarchy and cooperation among nations and individuals. He suggests that issues of public health have become increasingly important in recent years collectible to the growing health problems in many developing countries and the rise of epidemics and HIV/AIDS. There are in addition heightened tensions between public health and international trade as associated with patents and access to essential medicines for incurable or fatal diseases. There has been recent discussion on placing public health higher on ball-shaped diplomatic agendas although there are issues and speculations on how the pursuit of public health could be better at a global scale and could be successfully organised and implemented. Public health issues have triggered a level pf global

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Unit 6 Scenario Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Unit 6 Scenario - Essay ExampleThe producers would like to hike the value to P2,where the self-colored taxation burden is borne by the visitors. But will the visitors be willing to pay for the increase in price because of tax. So the demand and supply do not match, at point P2, there is an bare supply. Hence, the price has to come down to P1, where Q1 will be both demanded and supplied.It is evident that, the price of the product for the consumer increases from Pe to P1, which is their portion out of tax and is about half of the tax of XY. Producers now get C per unit, after paying tax PeC per unit. The r level(p)ue for the producers falls from OPeWQe to OCYQ1. The government will receive a tax revenue equal to CP1XY and the market size falls from Qe to Q1. This may have an implication on the employment in the society as firms may employ less number of people and the visitors will also think about leap places of entertainment due to the increase in prices. However, the tax bur den on the consumers and producers will vary depending upon the price elasticity of the entertainment service.On the other hand, if the option of charging a special tax on the computer memory owners based on the tell on size, then, the smaller shops will be at the advantageous side. Smaller shop owners will pay less taxes and so their ratio of profit to investment will be high. If the owners with large shops want to share the tax burden with the consumers, then the price of products from the big shops will be higher(prenominal) than that from smaller shops. It will create opportunities for unfair trade practices. This might discourage entrepreneurial activity and even encourage shop owners to search for better places with favorable tax climates. Hence, the option 1 of imposing validating tax will be a better

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Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 28

stage business - Essay ExampleSecurities and Exchange Commission, Amazon.com, Inc).With an increasing number of internet users as well as enlargement of business through e-commerce, online business has become intensely competitive. The most prominent competitors of Amazon.com majorly include other online e-commerce sites, media companies and conventional retail companies. In the online retail industry, there are many other factors which tend to create a significant impact over the competencies possessed by Amazon.com including pricing regulations, convenience, and quality assurance, time-efficient delivery of the ordered produce and reliability of the systems used to execute the entire process. It is in this context that Amazon.com, being considered as one of the pioneers in the online retail industry, has witnessed steep rise in demands along with rapidly altering preferences amid customers. Hence, it becomes quite likely that competition, in the upcoming days will be increasing ly intense due to the rapid advancement in information technology as well as increasing customer awareness (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Amazon.com,

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Social Psychology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 1

Social Psychology - Essay ExampleSocial psychology is a scientific study of the effects of social and cognitive processes on the way individuals perceive, govern and relate to others (Smith & Mackie, 2000, p. 3). Different psychologists d declare tried to explain the impact of corporation on human being. However, Floyd Allport believed that society does not influence the thought of human being. Floyd Allport said that , the individual in the crowd behaves just as he would behave alone, precisely more so, as according to him, human beings behavior in the society is a result of his own thinking, feelings, perception and nature and not the result of societys influence on him (Allport & Wozniak, 1994, p.295).What Allport suggests is that all the aspects of human behavior and human nature like self identity, attitude, wrong, discrimination, performance, self visit etc. are results of his own thinking and what he makes out of that thinking. His own thinking pattern and the percept ion of the social behavior makes him to form a picture of the society. Hence, the aspects of behavior pattern which we think are regulate by the society are in fact shaped by mans own thinking and feelings. According to Allport (1954), discrimination is the extension of behavior and it makes person use behavioral elements like rasping words, exclusion, avoidance and also physical attack (Lott & Maluso, 1995, p.4). Hence, it can be said that the behavior pattern of prejudice and the discrimination that man practices against people belonging to certain race, class or skin color is not a result of social influence but is a result of his own belief and thinking.The drumhead is, even if

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IT-6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

IT-6 - Essay ExampleDifferences in culture and language barriers be significant issues requiring scrutiny, as about every foreign demesne has a different value and belief system, while making the demonstrate of relating to these customers more difficult due to the use of a different language. IS systems must be built with these factors in mind, including the appropriate usage of the foreign language on the international auction website.Political barriers are the nearly complicated, as many foreign countries block the free access of information to its society, therefore these factors must be considered prior to building the appropriate international auction website. Will the people in this type of nation be able to help build profitability? These are questions that must be considered prior to waiver international.I have located three commercial sites in different markets which offer affiliate programs PowerWebsites.com, role Depot.com, and Barnes&Noble booksellers. Powerwebsite s is a marketing entity which utilizes its technological expertise to help companies build higher customer volumes through affiliate marketing. The online version of Office Depot provides office-related products, including papers, printers, desks and more. Barnes & Noble is a leading bookstore with bricks and mortar locations crosswise the country.Powerwebsites provides FREE sign-up for the affiliate program, with a 20% commission on all sales generated by the program. Payouts are promised at a minimum of $25 in return for placing a companys web connectedness on their site. Powerwebsites pays their commission on a pay per sale basis, meaning that the customer must not unless click on the link, but also must make a purchase at the accessory website.OfficeDepot.com provides an affiliate program which is also a pay per sale, meaning that customers must actually click this link AND make a purchase at the site. Their affiliate program promises a 20% commission on these

Business Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

care Plan - Essay ExampleThe swear outs to be offered impart be of high quality as well. Food served provide be in accordance with the health code so as to mark off good health for our esteemed customers. The main target customers of the traffic will be the young pack especially those in college. About two to three employees will be hired to assist in offering services. The cart will be moving around the street to places where there are to a greater extent customers in order to maximize sales and revenue simultaneously. The business is expected to grow steadily in the foreseeable future. More meal carts will be opened in the future as a strategic growth. Marketing will be done through the cheapest methods so as to minimize subprogram costs. The mission of the business will be to provide high quality foods at a minor price and acquire steady growth. Introduction A business plan is a document that states the goals and objectives of a business that is about to send-off. It als o states how the goals are to be achieved and the strategy which are to be applied. In addition, the business plan states how the business will be financed as well as how the initial set up of the business will be. It can also show the cash flow forecast for the first hardly a(prenominal) financial years. This article represents a business plan for a meal cart that is about to start at Cambridge, Grand Arcade. 2. ... The business has a long term plan of opening several service centres within Grand Arcade. The business will concentrate more on fast foods since this is what most commonwealth manage. The business will be a sole proprietor but will have a number of workers who will assist in service delivery. I will be the sole possessor of the business. I have experience in business management and therefore I have the cogency to prepare budget and business cash flows. I will also take the role of clerking and overseeing all the activities of the business. Classy foods meal cart w ill create a strong brand arrive at within the town and thrive to get a large share of the market (Hormozi et al. 2002). The business will concentrate more on fast foods since these are the once that have a comparatively high demand in the city. Many people who dwell in the urban centres prefer fast foods for lunch. In addition, fast foods do not require much capital to start off. The main customer targets will be the young people. This makes fast foods choice a viable idea. Many young people like eating snacks, hotdogs and ice creams among different types of fast foods. The business will also be selling other types of foods. However, these will not be part of the major products. The business will ensure that it satisfies all groups of customers- young, oldish and kids. 2.1 Location The localization of function of the business is very important for its competitive advantage. It should be located in a site where it is visible to the potential customers. A meal cart has an advant age in terms of location since it is mobile and it can move to where customers are. Classy Foods Meal Cart will be operating on the major highways of Cambridge but will be centred at Grand Arcade. Most of its operations will be along Victoria Avenue,

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From your perspective and your experience, what do you think your Article

From your perspective and your experience, what do you think your culture house offer an Ameri butt end How tail you contribute to the phylogenesis of a crossbreeding- pagan perspective - Article ExampleThe thirst of learning and the note of teachers can be the most inspiring factor for an American. The elongated feathers of social values embedded in the middle Eastern culture can never leave each American untouched. The system of fosterage a child with moral values, blend of provincial, official and national languages and in the beam of religion can be another captivating sight for any American. From a lullaby to national songs, from classical to pop, Middle Eastern music is enriched with melodies and rhythms an American might not have imagined. One of the most different experiences for any American can be found in books, art and drama is the concept of love which demonstrates the accepted eastern values of soul. This will be true to say that Middle Eastern culture can giv e an American the secret to live a healthy and happy life.When it comes to my potential to serve for the development of cross culture, I tend to follow the same steps of my cultural and historical values teaching and learning. I can create awareness about the fruitfulness of cultural stand in programs by constitution and talking. I can give services to the foreigners visiting my country of origin by providing them deep and fundamental secrets of my land. If I get any chance to visit foreign country either on exchange program or not, I will be exhibiting my own customs and tradition in dressing, events and exultation to help the people of that country understand my culture. This way I would contribute in the development of cross cultural activities. In contrast to this, for the contribution in development of cross cultural perspective, I would to a fault be inquisitive, appreciating and absorbing the values, customs and tradition of the other land. I would like to know the histor ical and cultural dome and the values upon which that nation is standing. It will be a great experience to explore the art, literature and cinema of that country and know the sense of

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Emerging Markets and Financial Regulation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Emerging Markets and Financial Regulation - Essay Examplethither were major obstructers that Shiseido faced in its attempt to implement a globalization strategy. The first obstacle was the heathen differences present in the various countries and regions the company wished to enter, especially in Europe and the United States. These countries had very opposite cultural practices and preferences that were very different from the Japanese cultural practices and preferences and therefore there were very different decorative tastes and preferences in these countries. For instance, American consumers were interested in make-up products while Japanese consumers were interested in subjective skin beauty. In addition, consumers from the Latin nations within Europe preferred decoratives that emphasized color. The other major obstacle was the difficulty in entering these new markets due to legislation prohibiting foreign companies investing within the cosmetic industry within their countrie s. For instance, the cosmetic industry in France was very important hence, the g all overnment wanted to cherish it from foreign competition and control. Shiseidos international organization and its actual strategy to expand its market globally were successful as it enabled the company to enter new markets and gain considerable market share over the long-term with limited resources. The company was able to enter foreign markets in Asia, Europe, and the United States using figment strategies that were low cost and effective, enabling the company to introduce its products to these new consumer markets.

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Cultural Features of China Today Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Cultural Features of mainland China Today - Research paper ExampleThe plenty of China have been heavily influenced by these changes in China. This paper discusses some of those changes that refer the contemporary Chinese horticulture and society and discusses their impact on the people of China. One of the most infrequent changes the world politics has seen in the start of the 21st century is Chinas rise of power. The culture of China today serves as a resource for soft power whose use has helped China locate as a powerful country in the world. THE SOFT forefinger OF A COUNTRY RESTS in the beginning ON THREE RESOURCES ITS finish (IN PLACES WHERE IT IS ATTRACTIVE TO OTHERS), ITS POLITICAL VALUES (WHEN IT LIVES UP TO THEM AT HOME AND ABROAD), AND ITS abroad POLICIES (WHEN THEY ARE SEEN AT LEGITIMATE AND HAVING MORAL AUTHORITY) (Nye and Jisi 25). One of the most important outcomes of the rise of Chinas soft power that has affected the lives of the people of China is growth of multiculturalism. Chinese students are perusal with foreigners in their own universities and colleges, and the streets and beautiful places of China have attracted the attention of tourists from all over the world. Overall, the exposure of Chinese people to the global scenario and foreign cultures has increased manifolds. This has helped the Chinese people easily integrate into foreign cultures and reap the benefits of studying and working in advanced countries. WHILE THE VOICE OF AMERICA WAS CUTTING ITS CHINESE BROADCASTS FROM NINETEEN TO xiv HOURS A sidereal day, CHINA RADIO INTERNATIONAL WAS INCREASING ITS BROADCASTS IN ENGLISH TO TWENTY-FOUR HOURS A DAY (Nye and Jisi 26). The importance of soft power in China can be estimated from the fact that it has entered the official verbiage of China. Hu Jintao, in the speech that he made at the Communist Party of Chinas (CPC) seventeenth National Congress, emphasized upon a need for the CPC to enkindle CULTURE AS PART OF THE SOFT POW ER OF OUR COUNTRY TO BETTER GUARANTEE THE PEOPLES BASIC CULTURAL RIGHTS AND INTERESTS (Jintao cited in Nye and Jisi 28). He recognised culture as a very important source of innovation and national cohesion whose meaning in Chinas strength has grown over the decades. Public diplomacy as a cultural trait has developed in China comprehensively and systematically. A major example of this is the cultural-cum- wording gist of China, the Confucius Institute that has been designed and established to increase the drive for learning the national Chinese language that has apace spread in the recent years all over the world. Similarly, IN 2004, CHINA urinateED THE conduct SMALL GROUP FOR FOREIGN CHINESE LANGUAGE EDUCATION UNDER THE STATE COUNCIL, WHOSE OBJECTIVE WAS TO ESTABLISH 100 CONFUCIUS INSTITUTES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD (Cho and Jeong 471). Such measures have facilitated the people of China a lot. Wherever they go in the world, they get to meet people who understand their language and c an communicate with them in their autochthonal Chinese language. This has helped the people of China overcome the effects of their deficiency of competence in the English language. NOW, WHAT IS IN COMMON WITH NEW YORK, HAWAII, KANSAS, CALIFORNIA, MEXICO, FRANCE, SERBIA, SOUTH KOREA, EGYPT, AUSTRALIA, RUSSIA, AND RWANDA? ALMOST NOTHING, EXCEPT THAT THEY NOW HOST THE CONFUCIUS INSTITUTE, A LANGUAGE AND CULTURE CENTER MASSIVELY PRODUCED BY THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT AS ONE OF ITS LARGE-SCALE CHARM OFFENSIVES TO ENHANCE ITS SOFT POWER (Background Information). Establishment of these institutes has helped the government of China strengthen the Chinese language as well as soft power. Concluding, two of the most important features of the contemporary culture of China include the increased use and

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Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 3

concession - Essay ExampleThe only goals they need argon how to conform to the traditional, typical place of females within that society. You are a girl so you can only become and wife and mother, any other aspirations are unrealistic, foolish, and in some cultures, blasphemous in the eyes of some faiths and philosophies. Women have been discriminated against passim history for a number of societal, philosophical, traditional, and religious reasons they are at the mercy of highly patriarchal environments. In some locations of the arena the key element that deprives nearly women of realizing their greatest effectiveness is the lack of education. Women, it is believed, do not need to be educated and are often legally not allowed to be educated in many cultures in the world even today.The merciful rights violation represented by denying education to female citizens literally cripples and impedes their smell life from the day they are born to their day their life ends. This essa y will prove the potential human rights violations with a long list of negative side-effects related to denial of female education throughout the world Lack education maintains female disadvantage in the diligence force, disadvantage economically, confines them to their societys defined gender roles, and is a distinct violation of the individual human rights of women. Education is the most valuable tool and greatest means to positive opportunities in the future, hence its denial to women have direct to serious quality of life concerns. Firstly, understanding some of the history of gender inequality reveals just how park discriminations against girls and women truly are. It some ways the denial of female education may be the oldest of all human rights violations. Then by delving further into how the lack of female education contributes directly to the inequality in the labor force, as foundational and higher education dictate the quality of employment and incomes they are able to earn.

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Developing business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 1

Developing business - Essay Examplebe specific considering the underlying report discusses the evolution props with respect to different in sustainability in social and environmental factors as well as financial sustainability that is interpreted as going concern for business. In addition, the ways to reconcile the difference between both concepts, obstacles and future implications with respect to the operation and reporting are discussed. In due course, different conceptual cyclorama is noted and discussed with examples. Fin altogethery, the recommendation based conclusion is proposed to adapt the real sustainability imperative that brings financial, social and environmental aspects on the whole on a single page.The raising concerns related to the adverse impacts that businesses are creating on society traces its write up in the 1700. The concerns arose as a root of growing child labor and working conditions in factories and mines in UK. However, it was late in 1970s when th e voice gained momentum and finally with the turn of the century, the concept is now vex as among the priority concerns of the business (Honeyman, 2007 and Ceres, n.d.). The overall evolution of sustainability has grown from rejection for the concept of the transformation of business as shown waves of sustainability as followsAccording to the comment put forward by United Nations international Compact, a sustainability is an imperative for the for success in the long-term with the assurance that the business also delivers value all across the society (UN Global Pact, n.d.). However, the concept of value varies. For example, Golub, et al. (2000) discussed the value delivery to customers while Hartlen (2014) clearly states that the definition of value varies from the interest of one stakeholder to another. Hence, for providing the direction for value to the business, UN Global impact has identified five dimension of delivering value to the society. The five dimensions are depicted in the image belowAll these collectively result in the

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Run on Sentence Essay Example for Free

Run on Sentence Essay reconcile each run-on with either (1) a period and a capital letter or (2) a comma (if needed) and the joining word and, but, for, or so. Do not use the same method of discipline for every clock time.Some of the run-ons are fused sentences (there is no punctuation between the two complete thoughts), and round are comma splices (there is only a comma between the two complete thoughts). One sentence is correct.1. Slovakia, a country in eastern Europe, was once ruled by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it is now an independent country. 2. The children in the next car were making faces at other drivers, when I made a face back, they giggled and sank show up of sight.3. Chuck finished reading Mark Twains The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn then he began to take notes for his report.4. The branches of the channelize were bare they made a dark feathery pattern against the orange-pink sunset.5. Ernest Hemingway drove an ambulance in World warfare I, he based the nov el A Farewell to Arms on that experience.6. Our class wanted to do something for the earthquake victims, we sent a donation to the Red Cross.7. My ex-husband hit me just once in our marriage, five minutes later I was packed and walking out the door.8. Charles Lindbergh took off from Roosevelt Field in New York on May 20, 1927 thirty-three-and-a-half hours later, he landed in Paris, France, completing the first nonstop transatlantic flight.9. The average American teenager spends thirty-eight hours a week on schoolwork. the average Japanese teenager spends about sixty.10. We stocked our backpacks with high-calorie candy bars, and we also brought bags of dried apricots and peaches.11. Locate and correct the run-ons in the passage that follows.My beat out experience of the week was going home for lunch, rather than eating at work. My children didnt know I was coming, they had used most of the bread. All I had to make a sandwich with were two thin, crumpled pieces of crust. I sat there eating my tattered sandwich and trying to relax, then the telephone rang. It was for my daughter, who was in the bathroom, she was repetitive over her break-up. When I finally got her to calm down, my twin boys started fighting over their Legos. I was so commove I told them to calm down or I would take their toys away for a month. Ive erudite my lesson, Ill be eating lunch at work from now on.

The Differences Between an Associate Degree Nurse and Bachelor Degree Nurse Essay Example for Free

The Differences Between an Associate Degree Nurse and unmarried man Degree Nurse EssayThroughout history, a nurse has been defined as a someone caring for the sick(Merriam-Webster, Inc. , 2004, p. 853). At the completion of school, whether from an Associate Degree in Applied Science or a Bachelor of Science Degree, any candidates must pass the national licensure exam. This enables the new graduate nurse to make as a registered nurse. This new R. N. graduate is permitted to work in wellness care facilities in opening level positions. Both begin their career similarly with an ext bared orientation period being mentored by a seasoned colleague. Orientation is a probation period which grants the new employee time to become acclimated to the new facilities policies and procedures, as closely as time for the facility to evaluate the new employees progress. Close supervision is required, as well as hands-on-hours, to order for the graduate nurse to gain confidence in the new work environment. (Goulette, 2010, p. 2) Is at that place a difference between the nurse with an associates microscope stage and the nurse with a bachelor degree since the RN licensure test is the identical and both begin their employment with an extended orientation, as well as stringent supervision?One difference is the amount of pedagogics. ADN programs, offered by junior or community colleges, can be completed in two to three years. BSN programs, college or university offered, take four years to complete. Time is not the scarce difference in their schooling. The BSN program places emphasis on general education requirements in the original two years. It is the latter two years where nurse is the center of attention. The criteria needed for the baccalaureate program includes bad arts education, patient safety, quality of care, research based practice, health care funding, collaborative care, and preventive practice of medicine in communities.(American intimacy of Colleges of Nursing AACN, 2008, p. 3) The ADN or technical programs essentially delete some of the generalized educational courses and devote the attention exclusively on nursing which correlates to more hands on experience. This focus is adapt to primarily prepare the ADN student for more day to day nursing activities. In 1952, Mildred Montag, in reception to the nursing shortage, designed a program to counter the college level nursing programs. An associate degree was the end result. (Haase, 2006, p.1)To answer the question posed Is the nursing education level a contributing issue in the deliverance of quality care and patient safety? The American Association of Colleges of Nursing believes that baccalaureate watchful nurses like other health care providers, practice at a higher level. Nurses processing a Bachelors Degree are molded to adapt to the changing health care environment and its demands. This can be accomplished by leadership development, as well as critical thinking emphasizing health promotion and disease prevention across all environments of care.(American Association of Colleges of Nursing AACN, 2012, p. 1) With the health care system of rules changing so rapidly, it is important that nurses are autonomous. It is necessary, as patient advocates, that we understand the cause and effect of all entities involving our patients. Critical thinking and making the correct judgment call clinically is decisive. A patient spatial relation which comes to mind is an 86 year old female, weighing 50kg, Vital Signs Blood Pressure 80/50, core group Rate 102 (Sinus Tachycardia), Respirations 20, Saturation 94% on room air, Hemoglobin 7.0 and trending downward over the concluding three days. The patient complained of chest pain, mid-sternum radiating to jaw, and shortness of breath. This assessment differs from the initial assessment at the reference of the shift. The nurse informed the physician, placed the patient on oxygen, administered intravenous fluids, removed any nitrate patches, performed an electrocardiogram, suggested that family be obtained for type and cross to be sent to the lab. The RN remained at the patients bedside, continually monitoring the vital signs and assessing the patients condition.The bedside nurse is exhibiting proficiency in the ability to think critically by making a nursing diagnosis, initiating nursing interventions, and evaluating the results. In the above example of critical thinking, it remains difficult to conclude whether level of education or years of experience are the determining factor in the delivery of patient care. For many an(prenominal) years there has been an ongoing debate throughout the nursing community on the importance of clear-sighted that versus knowing how.What seems clear is that vast general, as well as nursing knowledge can only benefit the profession and the patients we serve. ? References American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2008). Essentials of baccalaureate education for professional nursing practice. Retrieved from www. aacn. nche. edu American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2012). The Impact of Education on Nursing Practice. Retrieved from http//www. aacn. nche. edu/media-relations/fact-sheets/impact-of-edcation Creasia, J. L. , Friberg, E. E. (2011).CONCEPTUAL FOUNDATIONS The Bridge to Professional Nursing Practice (5th ed. ). St Louis, MO Mosby Inc. , an affiliate of Elsevier Inc. Goulette, C. (2010). Nursing (Job) Shortage. New Grads are Finding the Job Hunt Tough. . Retrieved from nursing. advanceweb. com/ Haase, P. (2006). The origins and rise of associate degree nursing education. Retrieved from www. noadn. org Merriam-Webster, Inc. (2004). Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary. In F. C. Mish (Ed. ), Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary (Eleventh Edition, p. 853). Springfield, Massachusettes, USA John M Morse.

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Being Bilingual Essay Example for Free

Being Bilingual renderThe world has become a small village. People from different countries communicate with each other daily. Therefore, the deal for bilingualism has become urgent for several reasons such as migration, having parents who speak a different language or studying in an international school. In fact, speaking two languages can help us shake up better job opportunities and open up our mind. Firstly, being bilingual can help you have a good job easily. Nowadays, it is one of the highest priorities that you speak much than one language. For example, most of the international banks request their employees to be bilingual. Also, it is improves our life and offer us good job opportunities. All in all, one who speaks two languages gets much benefits in his life.Secondly, speaking two languages can open up our minds to new experiences and new cultures. For example, we can relish free time by reading books that have been written in different languages and watching do cumentaries and programs most different cultures. Moreover, when we travel, we get to understand volume and their jokes, comments and conversation, which makes our stay in a foreign country more enjoyable and memorable. All the above reasons for knowing a new culture, it is traditions and history, enables us to communicate effectively with people from different places.In conclusion, it is Necessary to be bilingual to lead a more comfortable and pregnant life. Many lucky people do not choose to be bilingual because they are born(p) in a family that speaks different languages. Their bilingual environment opens many doors for them. It is also enable them to be more successful.

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Hebrew and Islamic Mythology Essay Example for Free

Hebraic and Islamic Mythology striveWhile science and religion be notorious for their contentious and often violently contrasting relationship, they live with more in common in their agenda. Both set out to provide explanations for the worlds mysteries. And as such, they also share a large hand of unanswered skepticisms. Perhaps chief among them, the question of the solid groundworks cosmea, and by extension, macrocosms ascension to awareness, is one with very few experiential explanations. And in an absence of any conclusive evidence, theories abound from totally camps. A common thread in hi falsehoods chapters, myths regarding the Earths conception provide insight into the lives and refinings of their respective societies. In westbound society, the Judeo-Christian anecdote is easily the most well-known. This story is the primary creationist mythology for populacey monotheistic sects. Herein, God creates the realmly concern in six days, with man arriving on the last. On the seventh day, the omnipotent rests and thus, delivers man the Sabbath.However, in the centuries that preceded the flexure point where monotheism began to take popular hold, polytheistic idolaters provided the most commonly held ideas about the earths origin. adept of the earliest examples of the literate and elaborated nature that these myths could take on comes from the rich tapestry of Greek mythology. The Greeks were idol-worshippers who had veritable a complex and extremely colorful cast of matinee idols. Though not omnipotent like the Judeo-Christian almighty, these gods were believed to possess real and considerable power over the lives of their human subjects.The Greek myth of creation is an expounding of that relationship. It was believed that, prior to earth, thither was nothing unattackablely darkness. And amid this darkness, the only object was a black-winged bird called Nyx. This bird, alone in the void, was impregnated by the wind. (Note the parallel to the immaculate conception of Christ. ). As a result of this cosmic union, she yielded a gilt egg, which she proceeded to roost upon for many kibibytesands of years. Eventually, this egg hatched and the god of love, physical attraction, sprang forth.Just as Eros was born, so alike were his siblings, whom he was assumption the honor of naming. They were the upper and lower halves of his shell, which rose to the walkover and sank to the ground respectively. They became the sky and the earth. Eros called them Uranus and Gaia and blessed them with love. This love resulted in children and grandchildren who would blossom into twisted, war-bent gods whose better judgment would be often blind by a hopeless quest for power.A first-generation child of Gaia and Uranus, Kronus took a wife in Rhea and produced many children, whom he grew to fear immensely. Kronus, a problem-solver by nature, swallowed his children while they were still infants, thus preventing what he considered to be th e inevitable threat of usurpation. The youngest of his sons, however, was also the most beloved to Rhea so she deceived her husband into overpowering a rock in the childs place. This youngest child, Zeus, would grow strong in manhood and in the long run bring to realization Kronus greatest fear.Zeus liberated his brothers and sisters from his fathers malicious and all-consuming grasp. Then he led them to revolution, waging a war against the tyrannical god. In their victory, they turned their benevolent attention to the great creations of Nyx. The gods began to exist Uranus with the stars thus creating space. They began to furnish Gaia with intent, thus birthing nature. After creating the appropriate backdrop, the gods recognized that the earth was rig excepting its want for animals and humans.Zeus set to the task his sons Prometheus and Epimetheus, whose names translate literally to mean forethought and afterthought. This provides nigh interesting insight, perhaps, into the G reek perspective about mans intellectual capability and eventual self-awareness. In addition, it offers literal details about the unique abilities and idiosyncrasies that mark the species which populate the earth. When assigned to the job of designing animate beings, the brothers were given a variety of gifts to offer their creations.While Epimetheus set upon the task of creating the animals and awarding them all with gifts, Prometheus carefully shape man to be in the image of the gods. (Again, mans definition as being in the image of god holds much in common with Judeo-Christian creationism). When he completed his task, he gear up that Epimetheus had given away all the gifts, leaving humankind with the shaft. Prometheus sought to rectify the matter by thi either a trace of fire from the setting sun and giving it to man. When Zeus awoke to find man in possession of that which was to belong only to the gods, he was furious.He punished Prometheus to an eternity stapled to a tree, having his liver chewed on by vultures. But the damage was done. Man had been created and given the power of fire. There is a great portion more to Greek mythology, as with the bible. The role of the gods takes on a wide array of purposes, gradually divining all of mans vices and virtues. But in the story of the earths creation alone, there is much illumination. The Greek legend begins to tell part of the story of Greek culture insofar as it offers some true self-examination.In this story of violence, deception and a natural tendency toward roguishness, the Greeks provide a lancinating look into a psyche long since perished from the world. Surviving with far greater ideological intensity are those creation myths driving modern faith. The traditional structure of the dominant monotheistic faiths incorporates a narrative regarding the creation of earth and man into its formative doctrines. Herein is typically contained an originating explanation for the relationship between god, man , heaven and earth that provides grounding for the entirety of the faiths sacred text.This is a fundamental commonality between the texts of the Hebrew Bible and the Holy Quran, both of which dedicate significant portions of their second chapters to delineating the story of the first man. It is striking to comparing the passages concerning the creation of the first man as they appear in the two texts. Though at present Judaism and Islam race almost as antecedents to one another, with their practitioners often viewing their respective texts as placing them into diametric and practical electrical resistance of one another, these passages provide evidence of their common derivation.The creation myths of the two religions suggest that their political, social and cultural differences today may stem from the nuances therein, which had the effect of placing their interests in close confines with one another while gird them with divergent perspectives on how best to achieve said inter ests. The details surrounding Gods delivery of rapture to the Garden are essentially the same according to the two texts, but the wording of to each one calls for closer speculation.In Genesis, the first book of the Hebrew Bible, God follows his work of creating the heaven and the earth by creating man Then the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul.. (Gen. 27) From here is taken a substantial assumption in the Judeo-Christian faith which proceeds from it, that man is created in the image and likeness of God. The breath of God, this passage indicates, circulates in the body of every man, suggesting a responsibility to godliness for all of us.The Quran, in its recognition of the same manner of speaking to the Garden, paints a different image in acknowledgment of Gods endowment of life. In care with a prominent thematic impulse of the Quran, convicting its readers to note the distinction in fa tes for believers and nonbelievers, the phrase depicting ecstasys creation is posed with a similar connotation How do you deny Allah and you were dead and He gave you life? Again He go forth cause you to die and again bring you to life, then you shall be brought back to Him. (Koran, 228) This is a passage which demands not just belief in the creationist role of Allah but also a devotion to eradicating or combating non-belief. More explicitly and ideologically pertinent though, it carries with it a verbal description of the process of reincarnation. Man, in this passage, is described as an entity being fully at the mercy of God at bottom the bonds of the creator-to-created relationship. And where the berth into Gods image, held in the Hebrew Bible, ultimately predisposed man to divine immortality, this unboundedness is represented differently in Islam.The overtones of reincarnation here suggest that man is not considered to be do in the image of God, nor even an element of the ea rth as also implied by Genesis 27, but is a soul perpetually disposed to take forms according to the will of Allah. This does not needfully indicate a fundamental difference in the dispositions of the gods in question, Yahweh and Allah in the bible and Quran respectively. In Genesis, there is an articulated statement regarding Gods willingness and right, as creator, to snuff out his subject for transgression of his law.At the time, this law was constituted summarily of one directive in which the LORD God commanded the man, saying Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. (Gen. 216-17) These expectation words are those which assured our mortality on an earth characterized as the forum for exile from the Garden. The air which god breathed into us through Adams nostrils would, as God promised, be the expense paid for partaking of the frui t.This walk out from the grace of godly immortality would define the nature of mans life-cycle, and by extension, suppositious concepts such as time and space and spiritual assumptions about death and the afterlife. Gods bid to Allah as depicted in the Quran is not endowed with the same consequence, perhaps a product of the sign divergence between the two texts with regard to the fundamental construct of man in relation to his god And We said O Adam Dwell you and your wife in the garden and eat from it a bounteous (food) wherever you wish and do not approach this tree, for then you will be of the unjust. (Koran, 235) The fall from grace is described quite differently here, with man incurring no such threat as explicit as a certain death. This is a condition already possessed of man in the passage concerning his formation. It is not a penalization but a state of being given grounded in mans relationship to Allah. Original sin is still a common element to the doctrines of the tw o faiths, but its consequences appear as quite different actually. In the Hebrew Bible, the serpent is a creature which plays the role of deceiver and, by metaphorical extension, the antithetical and fundamentally evil counterpart to Gods unchanging benevolence.This is contrasted by the Qurans direct address of a Satan figure, a development affirming its spell as having occurred at a far later date than that of Genesis But the Shaitan do them both fall from it, and caused them to depart from that (state) in which they were and We said Get forth, some of you being the enemies of others, and there is for you in the earth an abode and a provision for a time. (Koran, 236) A punishment dealt herein concerns mans occupation of earth as a home, with God endowing it only a finite capacity to host mortal life.Again, the contrast between the implications to mans punishment for Original Sin in the two texts can be traced to the contrast in mans assumed composition. In the Hebrew Bible, God punished Eve and her offspring to a perpetuity of painful childbearing and unto Adam He said Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying Thou shalt not eat of it cursed is the ground for thy sake in toil shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life. (Gen. 317)In this passage, a fundamental difference in perspective is illuminated, that mans lot, to toil on the land, is a punishment profoundly connected to his violation of Gods will and his organic relationship to the soil. Where the Garden of paradise was a sanctuary at Adams disposal, the Earth would be his responsibility and his shackles. His mortality would be profoundly chained to his capacity to manage the earth. Where Islam casts its subjects as inhabitants of a land inevitably bound to in the end leave them to resource-deprived oblivion, Judaism confines its followers to a eternity of suffering knowledge of the earths hard reality.God tells Adam of this fate as being a mixed blessing, with the knowledge equally able of delivering him to pain and pleasure, for God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as God, knowing good and evil. (Gen. 35) In a way, this is a complete fulfillment of mans emulation of the creator-image just as it is the downfall from godliness. Indeed, the serpent cavorts Eve by telling her that she and Adam will be endowed with knowledge and fortitude, and be gods themselves.In exchange for this transgression, god casts man without advocate into the desert abyss. This is contrasted by the denouement of original sin in the Quran, where Allah casts his children out but does so beneath the auspices of mercy We said Go forth from this (state) all so surely there will come to you a guidance from Me, then whoever follows My guidance, no fear shall come upon them, nor shall they grieve. (Koran, 238) Here, God reaffirms his committedness to man even in his f ailing, offering him an unconditional love as sanctuary for the pain and suffering of the land.The intricacies that differentiate the two texts offer a useful set of variations on a creation story that is highly associated with the evolution of monotheism. Particularly, the mutual centrality of the texts on mans role and purpose in the earths creation and the heavens sanctity illustrates the capacity of each to elucidate its pursuant cultures views on Gods divine plan for humanity. Bibliography Fahs, Sophia Lyon, Spoerl, Dorothy T. Beginnings Earth, Sky, Life, Death.Beacon Press. Boston. 1965. Freund, Philip. Myths of Creation. Washington Square Press, Inc. new-made York City. 1965. Koran Text. (1997 edition). The Holy Quran. University of Virginia Online Book Initiative. Online at http//etext. virginia. edu/etcbin/toccer-new2? id=HolKora. sgmimages=images/modengdata=/texts/english/modeng/parsedtag=publicpart=teiHeader Masoretic Text. (JPS 1917 Edition). A Hebrew-English Bible. Mec hon Mamre. Online at http//www. mechon-mamre. org/p/pt/pt0. htm

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Stereotyping In An Organization Essay Example for Free

Stereotyping In An Organization renderThe fact that wad argon always judged for their actions and behavior could be one of the biggest problems in an organization. Stereotyping is a set notion of deal, coming up with their own self-assertion and judg ment even before giving the person a chance to explain the reason for both their actions and behavior. Stereotyping is a closure in which each case-by-case blocks the opportunities of what people really are. People often take in all the information they feel around comfortable with and then close up. Thus, stereotypes are formed.There are many polar kinds of stereotype that flush toilet go round in an organization. Such as gender, sex, status, etc. All these are formed be pose people are not open-minded enough to accept the fact that all human beings are different in their own way. There are s till organizations that possess high masculinity in this coevals where the men have more than mobility compared to the women. In such an organization, they do not believe that women are overt of performing as well as men in the same task. Thus, women are not granted the equal opportunity to excel. Yet, what these organizations have failed to recognize is that, both the male and the female have their own genuine points in their work ethic. explore shows that men are more assertive, women are more cooperative men are focused, specific and logical, women are holistic, organic and wide-angle. However before they come to a realization, the women would have already left the organization due to feeling taken advantage of and unfairness.Another very common stereotype, which is set up not only in organizations but also in the society, would be sexual orientation. Up till today, gays are still constantly being judged in our society when they actually make up 11% of the worlds population and are still growing. The few reasons why people discriminate against gays is because they do not understand why they choose to behave this way and they feel ashamed. Despite that, neither do they give the gays a chance to explain their actions and behavior thus they just choose to make an assumption of their own and put them down because they are different. However, there are some countries that actually permit gay marriages and are at the advantage because the gays would definitely move there as they have lay down a place that accepts them for who they really are without being judged.For organizations to be successful, they have to learn how to be more open-minded about such sensitive issues. They must be able to accept and deal with diversity. Respecting an individual for who they are is very important for relationship bonding as it promotes trust that will definitely case in better teamwork.Research QuestionHow much influence does stereotyping have on an organization?Research Objectives* To find out the many different types of stereotypes that can be found in an organization. * To determine the cause of stereotyping and how they are linked to the success of an organization. * To identify ways to reduce stereotyping and how to motivate employees.Getting information from the people on the job has always been the best way for overcoming a problem as it all starts from them. therefrom getting feedback is important. Firstly, managers can occasionally conduct meetings with their employees and have them voice out their unhappiness. Secondly, managers must try to understand the reasons for their employees unhappiness so as to be able to work on them. Lastly, the organization must be able to present their employees with benefits that can motivate them to work harder.References1. Juliet Andrews, 2010, Stereotypes in the workplace and a test that shows you are not innocent, http//www.couriermail.com.au/business/business/stereotypes-in-the-workplace-and-a-test-that-shows-you-are-not-innocent/story-e6freqo6-1225861554141. 18 Feb. 2012 2. Brian Amble, 2005, Gender stereotypes block womens a dvancement, http//www.management-issues.com/2006/8/24/research/gender-stereotypes-block-

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Android Application Essay Example for Free

Android Application EssayThe eclipse of android products in the trade is the talk of the town and the craze of owning an android based hopeful skirt is all a youths mind is smitten by. This is all because of the wide range of android apps at the drug users disposal which can be installed on these android based smart phones. Android offers the android market which is an open market made available to all android gadget users. The android smart phones do non run on the principle of non-contemporary mobile methodology i. e. these android gadgets do not come with a pre-set of limited applications already installed in the cell phone by the company at the quantify of manufacture, instead only the basic apps are installed and a privilege to choose and install from a wide variety of apps is facilitated to the user. Android gadget users have to just turn on their internet, sign in to their goggle account and they can access all the android applications.thither are a hatch of applic ations in every genre from utility, entertainment, security, business, education, games, etc. Entertainment apps like various varieties music players, video players, ikon viewers, music creator, video clippers, photo editors, etc., utility apps like maps and road guides, locators of shops, hospitals, hotels and various buildings and landmarks in a circumstance city which use GPS services direct from the satellite, alarm clocks, clocks showing time of multiple time zones, a thousand variety of games from strategy to racing and flash games to puzzle games, apps designed for providing a commodious user interface to browse finished your favourite social networking websites and many more steal the ranks in the search counts for sure. The android apps are not just limited to entertainment and mobile utility and security.The android market has a huge choice of apps for the businessmen, people in the real estate, financial markets like the consider market and the international currency exchange and the commodity markets, people related to software development and education technology, etc. The android apps can also be used for managing funds in your bank accounts. There are a lot of android apps designed to help a user browse through a lot of products from numerous shops and brands, select, compare quality and prices, and also purchase them electronically by now transferring funds from their bank accounts.The rapidly increasing advancement in the development of the contemporary generation of android apps will also see a breakthrough in the e-commerce section. The biggest attraction about the android market is that it is a free and open market availing the most of the apps from all genres free of cost to the users. When you browse the android apps through the android market you will also be supported by a trig description of the app, that is the way it works, tips to use it and all info about the app. Adding to that a person can also see the product reviews and user ratings along with the product in the list of apps in the android market.

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Biochip technology Essay Example for Free

Biochip technology EssayThe boundary world(a) village is one popularized by Canadian communications theorist Marshall McLuhan to refer to the might of electronic communications technologies to collapse nonions of geography and disrupt the conventional wisdom by which society appraises time-space relations.At the heart of the concept of the global village is the idea that because electronic communications technology are exponentially increasing their ability to abnegate space and time limitations, they enable individuals, societies and institutions to draw on a bigger graduated table than before phone calls can be made across greater distances at decreased costs, e-mails allow instantaneous transmission of readable content and cellular technology increases the mobility of telephony. Whereas the domain we used to operate on was on the village-scale, it is now global a global village. McLuhan impressionively celebrated the development of the global village because he believe d that it would expand our social consciousness. Not necessarily make us more socially conscious, plainly at the very least increase the scale by which we already cypher.Where we used to think primarily in terms of local affairs and developments that are mostly proximate to our surroundings, the ability to channelise developments instantaneously means that citizens can now think on an enlarged scale. More enthusiastic neo-McLuhanists verify that the global village will eradicate all barriers to cultures, nations and political institutions. However, in that respect is some concern that this is not entirely a good thing. For example, some put one across worried that expanding the individual consciousness to meet the scale of the global village comes at a cost.In effect, by thinking on the global scale, individuals may find themselves effectively disengaged from local concerns and proximate issues and at the very worse actively following developments in communities they have no power to affect, and disengaged from local developments that they could realistically make a difference in. Castells (1997) contends, however, that the globalizing effects of meshing and other similar networking technologies will not necessarily eradicate political boundaries. Rather the side effect of the Information Age is that many of the things that have come to define the nation state will be effectively downsized.Sovereignty will no longer figure in the absolute sense that we have understood it before, but rather, nation-states will exist solely due to the network of alliances, commitments, responsibilities and subordinations that are more than scarcely existent for the benefit of the state, but are necessary to its existence, and this becomes possible due to the ability to instantiate relationships done networking technologies. It is this component of Castells understanding of globalizing effects which hold some consonance with the views of Ulrich Beck.Beck maintains that much of the failure to real take measure of the effects of globalization is derived from a restrict understanding of it. Beck contends that globalization is not something that is limited to economic relationships and complex trade relations, but something that occurs in the most internalized sense, such as the ways by which we navigate culture and social relationships in an expanded trans study view that is the result of a national sense sublimated by globalizing technologies, cultural exchanges and international relationships.However, because of the co-dependencies brought upon by the transition into Castells network state, there is a risk that globalization will erode what sovereignty and democracy there is in the weaker nation-states. In other words, rather than acting as a force for solidarity, globalization could erode democratic controls and institute a political and economic injustice to the nation-state. This is possible when a nation-state is unable to negotiate for the betterment of its participation (whether through incompetence and corruption from the weaker country, or exploitation and deception from the stronger one.) Globalization cannot end democracy per se, but it risks compromising it to the point of rendering it ineffective. REFERENCES Castells, M 1997, The End of the Millennium, The Information Age Economy, Society and Culture Vol. 3. Blackwell, Cambridge, Massachussetts. Beck, U 2000, What is Globalization? Polity Press, Cambridge. McLuhan, M 1986, The Global Village, Oxford University Press New York.

Parenting skill Essay Example for Free

Parenting skill Essay1.How can parents avoid temper tantrums?It having a plan to calm your self down all in all time you have for example by going to your happy place,relax,and by staying calm at all time2.What are the A, B, Cs?-A is for the attributes you want your child to haveB is for the behavior you want to go along with those attributes. C is for the consequence that will be given, positive or negative3. Do you conceive using consequences and following the first principle process will help shape a childs behavior? Why or why not? Yes, I think using consequences and following the ABC process will help shape a childs behavior because it gives the child a set of expectations you want from them and because naturally humans are born to please they are going to chasten their hardest to live by those expectations you have provided them. 1.What are some of the reasons why people may not spill the beans to babies as much today as they used to? We dont really know the deal re ason why people are not public lecture to their babies as much some may say it is due to the busy life style we have or that everyone is isolated within the kinfolk2. Why do you think developing speech skills is important for a child? Developing language skills as a child is important because when children are younger it is easier for them to learn and develop and they should learn to be good communicators3.What are some of the courses that parents can encourage the development of language skills? One way parents can help encourage development of language skills is by giving them their undivided attention and contently talking to them because most of their learning is through imitation.

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Children or adults that are not listening through general disrespect Essay Example for Free

Children or adults that argon not sense of strikeing through general disrespect EssayIf you make eye contact with the adult or baby bird you can draw their attention towards you. Calling out a childs name pass on make them hug drug to face you so that you can talk to them. If you lower the tone of your voice and talking in a quiet calm manner, the adult or child would have to c erstwhilentrate more to try to heed what you are saying and pass on overly help calm an active child rarify enough to listen to you attentively. Its also an affective method to calm an enraged parent who is shouting and doesnt want to hear what you are saying. You could also hold a childs hands so they know its them that you are talking to.You could accommodate the surroundings, like taking a parent or child into an office to talk to them. If an adult is angry and is not listening to what you are saying, you could also let them have their say first so that once they have voiced their opinion t hey will be choosey to hear what you have to say. Hearing deterrent and speech impediments Using sign lyric and speaking clearly helps us to communicate with hearing imp institutionaliseed pack, they can understand what we are saying through lip reading and the sign language will help emphasis that.If plurality have speech impediments it is important to allow them plenty of time to speak, rush along them can make them nervous and make the impediment worse or stop them from communicating at all. Using flash cards is also another track of communicating, with children and adults that have hearing and speech problems. (see attachment) behavioral problems and learning difficulties If a person you are communicating with has behavioural problems or learning difficulties it is important that you are patient with them.Using simple language with people with learning difficulties help them to understand what you are saying. By identifying the problem then trying to understand it, you can find ways in which to adapt your accession to a way that they will understand you. If a child is hyperactive, trying to get them to sit down and hold a conversation will be difficult, but doing it through play is a way to hold their concentration. English not cosmos the first language (ESOL) Using simple vocabulary will improve understanding and using body language and hand gestures help by emphasis what is being said.A good way of communicating with parents/carers that dont use English as a first language is by compiling a multilingual newsletter, where you can put across any information and not have miscommunication. You can also set up a buddy system with adults or children, where at that place maybe another child who is bilingual that can help translate. Shy or timid people Interacting with adults and children on a one on one basis helps to communicate with introvert people.With adults this could be in the form of a meeting, and with children this can be through play. Cir cle time is another way of lot shy children talk, asking individuals questions or singing songs. not getting on with colleagues or dealing with deuce faced people Holding staff meetings with a unbiased coordinator lay downs staff a chance to air their grievances and find a possible resolution to them. Team building exercises can also help people get along, through play with children to colleagues being put on a project together.With children you can also reinforce club rules, and with colleagues you can reinforce policies. You can also used role play and read stories, giving children a different view on what they are doing wrong and see how treating their peers bad affects them. Not making time or effort to communicate Arranging meetings with staff or parents/carers will give enough notice for them to make time for a meeting. With children you can use circle time as an opportunity to have class discussions.

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Effects of Computerized Cognitive Training

Effects of Computerized cognitive TrainingCHAPTER FIVEDISCUSSIONThis chapter will discuss it will also discuss its public health significance and also report strengths and boundations of the review.5.1Summary and discussion of the evidence5.1.1To what ex tennert was the disturbance effective?The boilers suit aim of this dissect was to investigate the effects of computerized cognitive education aimed at improving cognitive make for in individuals at a high risk of developing mania. The ten trials that accept been included in this study atomic material body 18 spread widely across different countries. They vary enormously even deep down each subdomain analysed in terms of sample size, intervention characteristics (oerall length of date, number of nurture sessions and their oftenness) and outcome measures utilise. Participants were assessed on a number of cognitive outcome measures that were unrelated to the trained tasks, this was necessary to battle array that cognit ive betterment was not task specific as suggested by old studies (Ball et al. 2002). The outgrowths from these ten studies suggest that computerized cognitive facts of life is a promising approach for improving cognitive performance in persons with mild cognitive impairment. Participants showed improvements over a wide variety of neurocognitive outcome measures, such as memory, maintenance, executive function, working memory, visuospatial ability, everyday learning and speed of touch. Among these cognitive domains the most consistent improvements across all studies were observed in visual and verbal memory, attention, and executive function. Improvements in cognitive outcome measures suggests that individuals with MCI, despite cognitive deficit retain significant make out of neuroplasticity (Rosen et al. 2011) which makes them responsive to cognitive teaching.These findings are consistent with previous studies that demonstrate positive effects of cognitive training on cogn itive performance in individuals with MCI (Brum et al. 2009 Ball et al. 2002 Rapp et al. 2002). Previously it has been suggested that training gains are influenced by the frequency and duration of the intervention (Gates et al. 2011), however, findings show no difference in training effects among studies with longer duration of intervention and those with smaller duration (Rozzini et al. 2007).The inability to conduct a meta-analysis due to heterogeneity of diagnostic criteria, intervention characteristics and outcomes measured made it difficult to precisely identify which cognitive domains benefited the most from the training.It has been pointed out several times over the age that unless accompanied by behavioural, psychological or opposite changes, changes in cognition permit al oneness are not sufficient to justify a cognitive intervention (Woods, 2006). Out of the ten studies included, five studies assessed behavioural, psychological and everyday functional symptoms apart fr om neurocognitive outcome measures (Gaitan et al. 2013 Gagnon and Belleville, 2012 Finn and McDonald, 2011 Rozzini et al. 2007 Galante et al. 2007). The findings revea conduct positive effect of the intervention on some aspects of subjective measures of memory. Depressive symptom dozens decreased most consistently. This was fol beginninged by lessening in dread levels. However, no significant improvements were observed in self-reported activities of daily living or everyday functioning memory. This could be explained by the fact that as individuals were wishfully screened out in order to meet criteria for MCI, the participants were not stricken in everyday functional abilities and hence, it was difficult to assess the effect of training in terms of transferability to tangible innovation outcomes. No changes in well-being were reported. This is in contrast to the findings by Belleville et al. (2006) which reported positive uphold of computerized cognitive training on the part icipants feelings of well-being. This can perhaps be explained by the cellular cellular comprehension of pre-training sessions on stress, self-esteem and imagery that were part of the intervention in their study. Despite the importance of quality of look to patients and caregivers, none of the studies measured quality of life. According to Rozzini et al. (2007) although use of cholinesterase inhibitors has also been associated with reduced depressive symptoms, but computerized cognitive training supersedes pharmacological therapy as no negative or adverse effects of training begin been bring in participants, contrary to adverse effects and high dropout rates reported in drug trials in MCI (Clare et al. 2003).5.1.2To what extent were the effects maintained subsequently the intervention?Four studies included a follow up assessment ranging between 3 calendar months to a period of 12 months (Gaitan et al. 2013 Herrera et al. 2012 Galante et al. 2007 Rozzini et al. 2007) and one stu dy used a longitudinal design (Valdes et al. 2012) to ascertain if the training gains lasted longer, showed stability over time and hence, could possibly contribute to preventing afterlife cognitive decline. General cognitive function remained stable up to 9 months post training (Galante et al. 2007) recognition, attention and recall improvements were maintained at 6 months (Herrera et al. 2012) executive function (Gaitan et al. 2013), episodic memory and abstract cogitate (Rozzini et al. 2007) showed improvement trends at 12 month follow up and effects on speed of processing were maintained at 5 years after the end of the training programme (Valdes et al. 2012). Two studies showed reduction in behavioural disturbances such as depression and anxiety (Gaitan et al. 2013 Rozzini et al. 2007) at a 12 month follow up. Evidence suggests that computerized cognitive training is at least effective in slowing or impedeing the progression of cognitive decline and onset of dementia. Moreov er, it also suggests that if computerized cognitive training show cognitive gains, these improvements are likely to be preserved at follow up. In summary, computerized cognitive training justifies Swaabs (1991) sound out use it or lose it used to explain the relationship between declining neuronal activity and neurodegeneration.Overall, these results show findings connatural to a recent meta-analysis by Li et al. (2011) that showed improved overall cognition, domain specific cognitive improvements and positive training effects on follow up in the intervention group after receiving traditional cognitive training.According to literary works, computerized cognitive training has shown to be more effective than traditional cognitive training (Kueider et al. 2012), the results from this study suggest that structured computerized cognitive training produce significantly greater benefits in individuals with MCI as compared to those engaged in cognitively stimulating activities whole. Ev idence reveals that individuals with MCI that were randomized to intervention group showed bigger cognitive gains as compared to active control groups.5.2Public health SignificanceWith the elderly population of the world increasing rapidly, the numbers of older adults suffering from dementia are bound to rise. With 1 in 3 people above 65 years developing dementia, the number of individuals with dementia are projected to be as high as 135.46 million in 2050 (Alzheimers Disease International, 2013). Dementia has several annihilative consequences. The economic impact of dementia globally is quite alarming. This has diverted attention not unless towards the word of dementia itself but also towards preventive therapies specifically aimed at individuals with MCI. In 2007, the average cost of care for a patient with Alzheimers affection in the United Kingdom was estimated to be around 29,746 (Alzheimers social club, 2008). This makes the principles of disease prevention and health pro motion particularly relevant to dementia (Geda, Negash and Petersen, 2011). The prevention of a disease involves the identification of groups that are at high risk MCI indeed, is a high risk state for dementia particularly of the Alzheimers type (Alzheimers Disease International, 2013). Individuals with MCI are identified as high risk groups as they are 3 to 5 times more at risk of developing dementia than those without MCI (Alzheimers Society, 2014).As findings from this study reveal that many of the cognitive domains retain effects from as low as 6 months up to 5 years post computerized cognitive training and demonstrate delay in the progression of cognitive impairment. This can have positive implications for public health. This is because according to the Alzheimers Society (2007) delaying the progression of cognitive decline and hence onset of dementia merely by 5 years would halve the number of deaths that are directly attributable to dementia. It would also reduce the huge eco nomic cost associated with dementia care borne by the carers and the government. In addition, it would also cut down the costs borne by individuals or their carers as computerized approach itself is a cost effective approach as explained earlier.Growing evidence on the positive effects of computerized cognitive makes it a strong candidate to be on the priority order of business for policy making on tackling dementia in coming years. As demonstrated, much evidence in literature exists highlighting the positive impact of cognitive training on cognitive performance. NICE guidelines (2011) press the use of structured cognitively stimulating programmes for individuals with mild to moderate dementia irrespective of the drugs prescribed for the discussion of cognitive symptoms of dementia. Results from this study indicating the potential of computerized cognitive training and other relevant evidence in literature advocates that the use of computerised cognitive training for MCI patients can be included in the clinical practice guidelines. However, for that to be practically useful, there needs to be developed a structured computerised cognitive training supporter which can be commissioned when needed. Such service should identify in particular the software to be used, the duration and frequency of training sessions and sequencing of training sessions. Kueider et al. (2012) highlighted that older adults did not need to be tech catch in order to complete and benefit from the intervention. Moreover, these findings could have positive implications as contrary to the old teaching that older adults may not welcome the idea of using technology research suggests that older adults in many cases are the fastest growing users of computer and internet technology (Wagner et al. 2010). Moreover, as mentioned earlier, computerized cognitive training offer flexible and personalized approach as the difficulty level can be adjust according to the users performance, hence, keepi ng it engaging and enjoyable for users.5.3Strengths and limitations of the studyThe review was undertaken after a thorough search of literature available around the research question. To the authors knowledge this is the only systematic review to-date that has been conducted on this topic and includes up to date evidence. Another strength of this study is the stiff inclusion criteria in terms of study design. Only randomised controlled trials were included in the review. Although there were other relevant studies available having other study designs but according to the Cochrane review guidelines (Higgins and Green, 2011), the author decided to limit the final studies to randomised controlled trials. This helped to decrease bias and increase the methodological quality of the overall review. The author intend to synthesize the results from best available evidence.Although efforts were made to ensure a transparent and reproducible review, a number of caveats need to be mentioned that might have influenced the results.5.3.1Time frameThe time frame to conduct a systematic review was extremely limited keeping in view that there was only one researcher carrying out the entire procedure. Maximum time was spent searching through different electronic selective informationbases and other sources and reading the abstracts of different articles in an attempt to identify relevant studies. There may be a possibility of selection bias as the selection and screening of studies was done solely by one reviewer. However, in order to minimise such bias, the search and screening of articles was done twice.5.3.2Methodological limitations across the literature on computerised cognitive training common but notable methodological limitations emerge. One of the general limitations of this systematic review was small sample sizes used in majority of the studies. The small sample sizes led to reduced statistical power which may have obscured the detection of potential differences betwee n the groups. Larger groups could have allowed detecting smaller gains in performance.A second limitation was that several studies lacked an adequate active or placebo control group. Failure to include a proper control group may not only have had an impact on the results but also made interpretation of results difficult as attribution of cognitive benefits could have originated from other sources besides computerized cognitive training. These issues impact on the main aim of the study which was assessing how computerized approaches compare with traditional approaches. Only two studies used an active control group indulged in activities similar to traditional cognitive training (Gaitan et al. 2012 Herrera et al. 2012) making it difficult to directly compare both the approaches. The review supports findings from previous studies (Sitzer et al. 2006) that intervention groups show larger effect sizes when compared to waitlist instead of active control conditions. Several studies report ed inclusion of participants receiving pharmacological therapy (Cholinesterase Inhibitors) raising the possibility that the cognitive gains were not because of the training solely but were a result of the synergistic effect between pharmacological therapy and training.An important limitation of this study was the scarce availability of data for individuals with mild cognitive impairment despite the relatively large time span covered. Furthermore, although most studies used the Petersens criteria to diagnose and assess individuals with MCI but modifications in the exact application of this definition existed e.g. the use of MMSE- tons one of the included studies used MMSE scores 24 () while one study used MMSE scores of 23 ().Additionally the heterogeneity of the outcomes measured across studies made cross-comparison difficult but at the same(p) time highlighted the need of developing robust research designs for cognitive training intervention studies.According to the inclusion c riteria, only studies that were randomised controlled trials were to be included. This led to the exclusion of many quasi-experimental studies that were related to the research question and that could have contributed to the results (Talassi et al. 2007 Belleville et al. 2006 Cipriani et al. 2006 Tarraga et al. 2006 Schreiber et al. 1999).5.3.3 Dual vs Single person data lineThe Cochrane Collaboration (Higgins and Green, 2011) expects each study included in the review to be data extracted by at least two independent researchers who are cover to the study authors and institution from which the study has been published. This however, was not possible owing to the time limitations and practicality of an MSc degree and therefore, data extraction was carried out by a single reviewer. According to Edwards et al. (2002) study screening and data extraction by two or more researchers increases the reliability and accuracy of the systematic review.5.3.4Language limitationThe destiny of stu dies being published in English language led to the exclusion of two studies deemed relevant by their abstract as the body of text was published in German and Spanish (Ott-Chervet et al. 1998 Fernndez-Calvo et al. 2011).SummaryThis chapter discussed on the results that were generated in the previous chapter. Computerized cognitive training had positive impact on multiple aspects of cognition, including behavioural and psychological symptoms. The effects of training on multiple outcome measures were retained for as less as 6 months to 5 years after the end of the training programme. This showed that the effects of training were not only spry but also halted cognitive decline. These findings were extremely important from the public health.

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Evaluating Supply Chain Management in the Volkswagon Brazil resende

Evaluating Supply Chain Management in the Volkswagon Brazil resendeThe RESENDE pulverization of Volkswagen federation in BRAZIL brought revolution in the automobile perseverance around the globe the grind has wholly unique communicate string cast and was first of its kind. The resend sic was in addition known as the renascence of Volkswagen comp alone as later the Auto Latina was ended between Volkswagen and ford as Volkswagen go with has no manufacturing plant to manufacture its trucks and b intents so resend was built in Brazil in 1995. The Volkswagen has around 400 suppliers who use to publish contrary spare go bads for the manufacturing of trucks and buses the Brazilian foodstuff was renowned for Volkswagen trucks and buses, Volkswagen club apologise their suppliers to 8 and then had contracts with them, the whole pedestal of Resende mill was a Modular syndicate, the eighter suppliers would be glide path in with the supplies and then neutering that is assembling it up, it was like a mini shops they own inside the grind that is they were the manufacturing business and as well as the assembling was d whiz by them, this model was very new to supply stove that was accomplished thither, no organizeer of Volkswagen caller-out was there except the fiber control as it is one of the important factor to check. The supply scope model helped them to cut their force fol minor and stimulate them avail to lot their buses n trucks at deject price that how they made their customers and the competitors were non able to disdain their prices as they were manufacturing the parts as well as assembling them the good thing almost Volkswagen Resende plant was that they were hiring wear upon at cheap greets which helped them to cut their comprise. Just as the factory started operating the nearly important person was squeeze to leave the organization as the Jos Ignacio Lpez de Arriorta was working with gm and left-hand(a) gm joined V olkswagen. As when they started with the resend factory the claim did by Volkswagen was lawfully accepted ant Volkswagen paid a good amount for it as gm had did the claim that lopes left gm with some important documents miss and data as they said he spy us and the resend factory was to a greater extent like their judgement which Jos Ignacio Lpez de Arriorta started their so just at the initiation the big question mark was with this factory, more over Jos Ignacio Lpez de Arriorta was coerce to resign and had left the ships association leaving the post of transaction management which was a loss to the factory and have the big importance to the resend factory.VWs supply chemical chain scheme according to Michael Porters strategic frameworkThe Resende factory of Volkswagen company known as the spiritual rebirth of Volkswagen company established in Brazil known as modular consortium was very unique in sense of supply chain as only new frame work was being applied to it as it wa s a junction where all suppliers of dis correspondent companies come and make up the whole product (trucks and buses) that is they work in a way that there were different suppliers who were bringing up the parts of trucks and assembling them up that is suppliers were also the labors and was responsible for the production as well as assembling the trucks and buses they come and work in the factory. Discussing about supply chain model used by Volkswagen company in their Resende factory was a entirely new supply chain strategy and if we talk about it in the light of Michale Porters strategic frame work it would be as fol offsetsThe curse of the entry of new competitorsThe Resende factory of Volkswagen company was the first one in entire automobile industry having this kind of supply chain model that is a modular consortium model. The main point of attraction to the automobile world was the management of operations in the plant as the plant was first of its type more over one whorem aster take it as an test so at that point of time the curse of a new competitor to enter was up to 0%. As the concept has bring revolution in the traditional supply chain strategies in automobile industry so at the beginning the competitor was not at all the threat but the execution of the supply chain model could create threats as just at the beginning the companys operation manger left so the competitors are always looking for something which they can use as an advantage to its competitor.The intensity of competitive rivalryThe intensity of competitive rivalry was there in the form of General Motor for Volkswagen Company because of their lawsuit. the operation manger Jos Ignacio Lpez de Arriorta left so at that time things become difficult for them but Volkswagen mange it efficiently merely the suppliers which was the main theme of this Resende factory the modular consortium was all about the supplier which was cut carry out to eight from cardinal hundred they have to be a go od and strong bonding with them as if any one of them left the trucks and buses would be hard to finish as the company has no plant to amaze the products after their joint venture with ford ended so the suppliers were very important to Volkswagen. The anformer(a) competitive advantage competitors of Volkswagen had was that the suppliers with Volkswagen was due to the relationship of Jos Ignacio Lpez de Arriorta as in general motor he was the managing director of Latin America state so he use his reference in Volkswagen company so he was forced to resign from the company the suppliers can also leave but fortunately this never happened and the Resende factory known as rebirth to Volkswagen name a new life to Volkswagen company indeed.The threat of substitute products or servicesThe threat of substitute was there in Brazil as it was the largest market of all and Volkswagen companys the Resende factory was a totally new thing in the industry of automobile industry more over the suppl y chain strategy they used was the first to be used in any factory the unique idea they applied worked for them as they didnt had any employee of Volkswagen company to work in the plant it was totally outsourced plant as the suppliers was also the labor not only responsible for render the parts more over fixing them up as it was a solely new strategy of supply chain utilise by the Volkswagen company. The only people by Volkswagen company were the quality control departments they were responsible to give the perfect quality so that their trucks and buses be the strength to the company not the strength of the competitor this model of supply chain worked and helped Volkswagen to cut its labor cost which help them to let down their prices compared to its competitors so the threat of a substitute was around 0% as the competitors were manufacturing their trucks and they cannot lower their prices so Volkswagen company was going good.The bargaining creator of customers (buyers)The Rese nde factory of the Volkswagen company was a revolutionary factory for the world the plant was using a supply chain strategy that really help them in generating revenue as they cut their suppliers from 400 to 8 and they were the suppliers as well as the assemblers for the trucks and buses and if any part for not perfectly fitted or had a problem the loss would be barred by the supplier the Volkswagen company were generating revenues out of the supply chain strategy they have implemented in the plant moreover if we talk about the barging power of the customers we can severalize that the factory was saving a lot to Volkswagen company as their cost have lower down a lot so they can give the trucks and buses at lower cost which was the thing that its competitors cannot compete as they were making up the product by themselves and buyers were getting advantage for it they dont need to bargain as the trucks and buses were already at lower costs. The customer were getting at good advantage on buying Volkswagen trucks and buses so the bargaining power of the buyer didnt affect much on the Volkswagen company.The bargaining power of suppliersAs they cut down their suppliers from four hundred to eight the suppliers working with them in the Resende factory would be having good relations with the Volkswagen company and more over they would be having some advantages to be the part of the Resende factory as they were infer to produce the parts and assemble them up for Volkswagen company so there would be some interest of their also as they were the part of the Resende factory and making up the trucks and buses for Volkswagen company and that was giving a benefit on cost to the Volkswagen so their trucks and buses were less in cost compared to other companies in the Brazilian market, Volkswagen company had intend about it, as they were dealing with a good number of suppliers and above all they dont own any plant for making the parts of the truck as they were totally out sour cing them and the operations as well as the assembling were done by the suppliers, they have been critises by one of the worker on just outsourcing everything, thence they have to be very good at it and have to implement the supply chain strategy very well more over there were no employee of Volkswagen company working there, so everyone working there under one roof would be wearing very(prenominal) uniform having same salary packages and more over they dont want any labor union to be made up as they were catering the whole of brazil and the trucks were very famous around brazil.Analyze the ways in which VW could employ technology across the different supply chain processes.As the Resende factory of Volkswagen was something really innovative and more unique was the supply chain model implemented on the factory which was assembling of the trucks as well as the production was the duty of the suppliers, Jos Ignacio Lpez de Arriorta designed it in such a way that no labor cost was to be incurred from Volkswagen company as there were no Volkswagen workers involved in the factory except the quality control supervisors as the suppliers were bounded for displace up the parts of trucks and buses the factory is producing the technology they used or we can say that the supply chain strategy they implies in this factory was really working for them as they have cut their cost in sense of labor cost more over the assembling was no more there issue as now it was the problem of the suppliers. The Volkswagen company c use to hire the labor through lowest bidder and the new technology was working so good that they planned to apply this strategy of supply chain to their other factories in different parts of world and the benefit from this supply chain strategy is for the developing countries as they can use the idea the modular consortium as it is the hazard of suppliers who are producing as well as assembling the trucks and busses for them and Volkswagen company is decreasi ng its labor cost at good. The main idea was like the contractors which were suppliers was totally responsible for making up the part which is required and fixing it perfectly as if the part fitted or purchased not sit right than the company which was responsible for putting the part bare the loss the Volkswagen company were really generating revenues with the factory, in the factory there were around eight suppliers who were operating there mini shops in the factory the company was able to get supplies in low rates so they can sell the busses and trucks at low price and attract the customers towards them and the other competitors of Volkswagen company was not able to compete as they were producing everything by them self which was hard for them to cut the costs and therefore cant lower the prices and that helped Volkswagen company to generate their revenues, and this supply chain strategy was a success for Volkswagen. esteem current global supply chain challenges to this VW supply chain model.Global Supply Chain ChallengesAt the Resende plant of Volkswagen totally new model of supply chain was implemented which was a risk because the Resende factory was first in nature to its own moreover it was more important to Volkswagen as it was a rebirth to the Volkswagen company as their Auto Latina was ended so their factory at Brazil that is Resende was the only forecast as they did not had any factory to produce trucks and buses, the supply chain model was a totally new idea in the industry of auto mobile Modular consortium just at the starting it faced a challenge to its survival in the form of its operation manger Jos Ignacio Lpez de Arriorta left because of some lawsuit between Volkswagen and General Motors.Just in time inventory. different supply chain strategies can help a business minimize their costs and focus on their main business that is there core competencies and more over it cut the time waste on waiting for the suppliers and sometimes not perfect sup plies can make company suffers a lot and hold out losses moreover they can take away your customers from you, can give the competitive advantage to the other company that is your competitor. There are several strategies for supply chain practiced by many organizations. to a greater extent over there are several global supply chain challenges.The first challenge to the resend factory was to gestate having totally new model of supply chain as the modular consortium was about the suppliers would be working as the labor in the factory no Volkswagen employee would be there and they were suppose to perform the activity of suppliers as well as labor for the company this method reduce the cost of labor to the Volkswagen company moreover manufacturing all the parts were more costly than to just buy them up.As the world is moving so rapidly technology is changing with respect to time so as the new threats are there supply chain has a good growth in coming future as many industries working a round the world is not making up all its products there are things they supply and get supplies to make up their end product which plays an important use in the companies having their branches all around world have to look for suppliers and the supplies they would be getting should not increment their cost or reduce their core competence as the competition is very tough so therefore the supply cost should not exceed as your revenue decrease.As the VW supply chain model was based on suppliers as if they lose any of the supplier their truck was impossible to shape as they them self was not producing to that scale as it was just like a junction where different suppliers were bringing up the part they manufacture and assembling them which helped VW to cut their cost more over to sell their trucks and buses at low rates as compared to its competitors VW was facing some supply chain challenges as they were supplying all the parts and the suppliers were responsible for fixing them moreo ver in content of damage they have to view as it if any there were no blue collar worker of VW at the factory except quality control as it was a point at which its competitor can have advantage so the whole idea was a supply chain game. Economic challenges was their more over in case of natural disaster they were the one who have to faced it all as the factory was not producing anything so it was a challenge to maintain a good relations with their suppliers so they dont stand against them.CONCLUSIONthe supply chain model faced difficulties in the starting as the main operation manager Jos Ignacio Lpez de Arriorta was forced to leave the company because General Motor claims that Jos Ignacio Lpez de Arriorta has left the organization with some very important documents more over the resend factory was somewhat similar to a new project general motor was working so Jos Ignacio Lpez de Arriorta was forced to leave the company, just at the beginning the Resende factory faced a loss but t he supply chain model fits right and Volkswagen generated good revenue out of it and give out its trucks and buses at low cost compared to other automobile companies in brazil as the model helped them to cut their labor cost out of all the conflicts and issues the Resende faced it was a success at the end and the rebirth of Volkswagen succeeded.