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The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement by Eliyahu M. Goldratt Essay

The beginning of the book starts off with Alex Rogos mark having major problems and his boss gets on his case about it. His boss, Peach, tells him he has three months to give these problems or they would be shut down. Rogo has to find a way to improve efficiency in his make up and he is at a loss of how to do that. He thinks that because the plant has new robots that this automatically improves efficiency, right? Peach calls a special meeting at the headquarters for all the plant managers. Rogo does not subsist what the meeting is about ahead of time, but assumes it will be bad news about how the divisions performance is horrible this first quarter. Rogo see Nathan Selwin in the lay garage he informs Rogo that if performance isnt improved by the end of the year, then the whole division goes up for sale. Rogo ends up leaving the meeting early because he realizes that this meeting is pointless and not helping his plant be more productive. A couple weeks before this meeting, Alex had run into an old friend, Jonah, in an airport lounge. He begins telling Jonah about his plant and the new robots, etc. Jonah does not seem impressed, but asks Alex some important questions such as h Have they really increased productivity at your plant? h Was your plant able to ship even one more product per daytime as a result of what happened in the department where you installed the robots? h Did you fire anyone? h Did your inventories go down? Jonahs point was that if inventories have not gone down, employee outlay was mot reduce, the plant is not selling more products, etc. then the robots have not increased the plants productivity. Jonah tells him that there is only one goal, no matter what the company. Jonah asks Alex what the goal is and Alex does not k right off. After Alex leaves the meeting, he remembers this conversation with Jonah and it makes him think a lot more about the situation his plant is in. The following enable a company to make money h cost-effective pur chasing h employing good the great unwashed h high applied science h producing products h producing quality goods h selling quality products h capturing market share Alex finally figures out what The Goal is (I dont know how it took him so vast)to make money (which is caused by being productive). To accomplish the goal of making money, there are three things that carry to be increased simultaneou... ...nning while people are on break the employees should go on break when it is running. h The union is causing problems (the reason why it is not possible at the time). h The machine is available for 585 hours a month, but the demand is greater than that - it will not be resourceful if you loose any of those hours. h Throughput for entire plant is lower if that time is lost. h Bottleneck 2 is the heat-treat h The engineering department is unwilling to change currently, the plant does not outsource to other vendors h The plant thinks that it would increase the cost-per-part. For examp le Each product shipped is about $1,000. 1,000 units * $1,000 = $1 million if parts get shipped as finished products. They need to use out-of-door heat-treat (outsource). Also, quality inspection is currently done prior to final assembly. Defective items are lost time on bottleneck because it went through the machine and now is worthless. They need to do QC before bottleneck - that way, they will not loose time on bottlenecks on any defective parts - wont loose throughput. Also, they need to make sure the process controls on bottleneck parts are very good. The Goal By Eliyahu M. Goldratt

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Red Badge Of Courage :: essays research papers

Henry     In Stephen Cranes unexampled "The Red Badge of Courage", we try out the episodes of war through the eyes of the main character, Henry Fleming. Because the book is rather vague about many details, we dont know how old Henry is, what he looks like, or where he comes from. We do know that Henry is from somewhere in New York and that he was raised by his mother. Although some people argue that throughout the novel Henry matures and becomes a better person, facts from the book show just the opposite. Henry is a conceited , smug young man who sees himself as a kill and a hero when in fact he is a coward.      Henry begins his journey by signing up for the Union army. While this may face like a brave step, Henry takes it for the wrong reasons. He is unsure of the Union cause, and without really understanding what he was fighting for, Henry saw visions of himself as a hero. Henrys thoughts of war are rather distorted He had read signs of marches, sieges, conflicts, and he had considerableed to see it all. His busy mind had drawn for him large pictures, extravagant in color, lurid with breathless deeds(Crane, 3). This simply shows that Henry had romanticized the was to something of a glorious adventure in his head. Even when his mother tries to give him rational advice, Henry sat disappointed, expecting a speech on heroism and pride.     When Henry and his regiment (the 304th New York) finally integrate into camp life, he begins to question himself. His regiment had been static for a long time and Hauptman 2Henry becomes bored and unhappy. For time he begins to question his bravery and he feels rather insecure. In the regiments first battle, Henry fights well. His admiration for himself reaches a disgusting level He felt that he was a fine fellow. He saw himself even with those ideals that he had considered far beyond him. He smiled in deep gratification (Crane, 30). In this passage one can see Henry generator to falsely view himself as a hero.      At the beginning of the 304th New York regiments second battle, Henry notices that two other soldiers are running in fear of the fight. He suddenly becomes rather scared and flees the battle as well. He tries to rationalize his actions to himself by saying Death about to thrust him between the shoulder blades was far more dreadful than death about

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Choosing Sides in Their Eyes Were Watching God and Lone Star Essay

Choosing Sides in Their Eyes Were Watching God and solitary Star   A major theme in multicultural belles-lettres is the search for identity by those of more than than one culture. In most cases, one of these cultures is recognized as being more advantaged and powerful than the other. In lavatory Sayless lone(prenominal) Star and Zora Neale Hurstons Their Eyes Were Watching God, bicultural characters negatively stereotype members of their own inferior or less advantaged background in order to identify themselves with their more powerful culture. The artists ultimately illustrate, however, that choosing sides is an unnatural option and that mixed heritages can have their own advantages.   People of more than one culture often have stretch out fitting into either as Pat Mora suggests in her poem Sonrisas, they live in a doorway / between two roomsMora. For example, in Lone Star, Mercedes, who was born in Mexico but resides in Texas, lives up to Moras descript ion of a legal alien--someone who is seen as an American to Mexicans / A Mexican to AmericansMora. Sheriff Buddys refusal to publicly lie with or inform his son of his affair with Mercedes shows that she does not totally belong to American culture. Mercedes also has trouble fitting in with the Mexican community. Her employees lack of observe for her indicates her alienation. In Their Eyes Were Watching God, Mrs. Turner, who is also of mixed heritage, fits in with neither African-Americans nor whites. She laments that although she has white folks features in her face...she is still lumped in wid all de rest of the African-AmericansHurston, p.211 by Whites, with whom she tries to be identified. On the other hand, she is also not usete... ...ation if they learn to incorporate both cultures into their personalities. Like Dorothys ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz, Mercedess restaurant serves as an example of a better solution that was always right in front of her face. The restaurant, which employs an American work ethic but serves Mexican food, becomes a metaphor of her newfound cultural harmony. Sayles suggests that she give have better relationships with her daughter and grandson as a reward for her recently expanded perceptions. Mrs. Turner, on the other hand, never consciously accepts her situation and therefore receives no such reward. On the contrary, she is ostracized by both white and African-American communities. The contrast between Mercedess dynamism and Mrs. Turners stasis in this respect proves Otis Paynes assertion in Lone Star that blood is what you make of it.  

Dissociative Identity Disorder Essay -- Biology Essays Research Papers

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is considered by the American Psychiatric Association to be one of 4 main kinds of dissociative disorders (DSM-IV) The essential feature of dissociative disorders is a disturbance or alteration in the normally integrative functions of identicalness, memory, or consciousness (8). If identity is the main function affected, the person is said to have DID. Most non-DID people have one identity comprised of many parts that work harmoniously together. They have only one I-function which consists of a conglomeration of thoughts and feelings formed from connections between many different brain areas. bulk with MPD, however, have a decentralized, internal network of 2 or more I- functions or alters, each with its own physiology, behavior, and cognitions. Dissociation often enables victims to maintain a relatively healthy level of functioning because traumatic memories are disconnected from other inf ormation in their minds. A multiple presents her view of DID We do not jump out FROM MPD. We SURVIVE because of MPD (6). Living with this disorder is often an extremely lonely, confusing experience. Luckily, there has been much success in treating this disorder thanks to the extensive research conducted into DID aetiology. The etiology may be explained by the diathesis-stress model. There appears to be a biological component given the accompaniment that most people with DID have a family muniment of the disorder. It has also been found that people who are easily hypnotized are more susceptible to DID (5). The stress is known to come from severe physical, emotional, and/or internal abuse at a developmentally sensitive stage in childhood (3). When a per... ...ted. Another possibility is that everyone possesses different centers of connections and somehow after retell dissociation episodes, some peoples links become severed. Findings from DID research may be helpful for DID and non-DID sufferers alike. Research into this area has shed a lot of light into what kinds of cognitions escape to healthy functioning, among the most important of which are the need for a sense of control and self-love and respect. The research also highlights the interconnectedness of the mind and body the fact that the psychological has a very real affect on the physiological and vice versa. Internet Sourceshttp//

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Computers in my Life :: Personal Narrative Writing

Computers in my Life Fun, relaxation, money, lot you get all that with only one tool? The answer is yes. What is the name of that magical instrument? Technologys superior invention, Computers. They ar sophisticated equipment that performs three main tasks accept structured input, process it according to prescribed rules and produce a result as output. They come in a remarkable rage of sizes and shapes, and have different abilities and application. They can be a bunch of equipment with little or not use, or a goodish instrument if you know how to use it. They play a very important role in every Americans life, specially mine. In immediatelys society, computers are necessary they are used in all kinds of jobs. They are used in Science fields like Math and Medicine, but they are also used in fields like mechanics. Imagine, even for someone that fix cars a computer is necessary. Computers have a very respected place in our world today new generations are using them for everythi ng to learn, to communicate, to do research, etc., and old generations have set about to accept them as well even though they always reject any(prenominal) changes. Anyway there are people that while reading this essay thinks I do not see it I really do not understand how can computers be so useful and how? Oh Well. In my special case, computers are more than than a simple tool my life changed since the first heartbeat they came into it. They turn my mind around completely it was like a perfect match. Since the first time I sat in one, I knew they will become an undeniable part of my life. It has been five years since then and I my opinion remains the same. I have in fact discovered many more uses for them. Three of those uses are a method of relaxation, a tool to work and very practical and a useful instrument that makes my life easier. First, computers are my vanquish method of relaxation when my stress is maximum. They provide me with entertainment for example, when I use a graphic program like Paintbrush to create a design, or when I use a word processor like Microsoft Word to create a sign I want to put in my room. I can get very creative and even design posters, conniving words and pictures, that later I can use to decorate my room.

Computers in my Life :: Personal Narrative Writing

Com be sickers in my Life Fun, relaxation, money, can you get all that with only one barb? The answer is yes. What is the style of that magical tool? Technologys greatest invention, Computers. They argon sophisticated equipment that performs three main tasks accept structured input, process it according to prescribed rules and produce a emergence as output. They come in a remarkable rage of sizes and shapes, and have different abilities and application. They can be a bunch of equipment with little or not use, or a powerful instrument if you know how to use it. They play a very important role in every Americans life, specially mine. In todays society, computers are necessary they are used in all kinds of jobs. They are used in Science fields like Math and Medicine, but they are also used in fields like mechanics. Imagine, even for someone that fix cars a computer is necessary. Computers have a very respected come on in our world today new generations are using them for every thing to learn, to communicate, to do research, etc., and old generations have become to accept them as well even though they always reject any changes. Anyway there are people that while reading this essay thinks I do not see it I really do not understand how can computers be so useful and how? Oh Well. In my special case, computers are more than a simple tool my life changed since the first moment they came into it. They turn my mind around completely it was like a perfect match. Since the first time I sat in one, I knew they will become an undeniable part of my life. It has been five years since then and I my opinion remains the same. I have in concomitant discovered many more uses for them. Three of those uses are a method of relaxation, a tool to work and very practical and a useful instrument that makes my life easier. First, computers are my best method of relaxation when my stress is maximum. They provide me with entertainment for example, when I use a graphic program like Paintbrush to throw a design, or when I use a word processor like Microsoft Word to create a sign I want to put in my room. I can get very creative and even design posters, conniving words and pictures, that later I can use to bedight my room.

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”More Than Just the Disease” by Bernard McLaverty Essay

More Than Just the Disease, written by Bernard McLaverty has one major character, Neil. The floor is seen through his eyes and illustrates the problems that he has to deal with at this plosive consonant in his life. Arguably the biggest problem Neil has in the invoice is his psoriasis, this is also a contributor to a nonher of his problems, which is his huge lack of confidence, and it also contributes in a scholarly way to his insecurity.McLaverty has written the character of Neil nestling with many quite complex problems one of which is the astonishing influence Mrs Fry Neils generate has on him. He frequently hears her voice in his head commanding him, telling him how he should act, what he should do in certain situations and how to feel on certain matters. This occurs when Neil is having eat with Michaels family. His have, without being present, tells him that he should, Close his mouth when he is eating she goes on to say, Others have to live with you Neil. He hears her again when he is unpacking after arriving at Michaels holiday home. She says Be tidy at altogether times and then no one can surprise you. I could go on for pages listing more and more instances of this but I wont get any marks for doing that I regress. Although Mrs Fry means absolutely no harm, in fact quite the opposite, when implanting these views, ideas and reactions into Neils head, she is actually contributing to many of Neils problems such as his lack of confidence, his ignorance and his insecurity.Neil finds, when he goes to stay with Michael on the coast, that his mother is entirely wrong about the middle classes and how they live and behave. He finds contrary to his expectations that they do not fit the stereotype, they are not posh but in fact they are reasonably laid back.Neil is very insecure possibly, again, owing to his mothers domination over him and because Neil kept hearing his mothers voice A good example of this is him going to the bathroom to put on his pyjamas and buttoning the jacket right up to the neck, whereas Michael while bending his arms and flexing his biceps announces proudly I only wear pyjama bottoms. This, as well as illustrating Neils insecurity, also is a good illustration of Neils massive to a lower place confidence and Michaels abundance of it.Neil lives in a very sheltered world and does not know a lot about the world beyond his home and school life. This is evident in one instance in particular when Neil is making an excuse for not going swimming to hide his psoriasis he says, The fact isIve got my period.Mrs Wan helps Neil with his lack of confidence. She is a duchess and owns the house in which Michael and his family stay throughout the summer. While doing this she lives in a dirty caravan at the bottom of the garden with her millions of cats. Mrs Wan proves another one of Mrs Frys stereotypes is utter nonsense, she does not dress as expected not at all glamorously but does not seem to be interested in her appearan ce in the slightest. McLaverty describes her as being, An old woman in a bottle reverse lightning cardigan and baggy mouse coloured trousers anda pair of mens leather gloves. She is a complete contrast to Mrs Fry who likes to be tidy at all times and cannot abide milk bottles at the table. If, with no background information you were asked to choose the duchess between the two of them it is most likely that Mrs Fry would be the one chosen.Mrs Wan, although only meeting Neil briefly, has a large influence on him, which is rather more positive than that of his mothers. She listens to his and seems interested in his opinions and experiences. around importantly, however, she gives him confidence, the confidence to reveal his psoriasis instead of making excuses to get out of going swimming. She shares her experience of lepers with him this also helps him and boosts his confidence in a big way.The end of the story illustrates very well how Mrs Wans advice affects Neil. The closing scene could be taken as a symbol for life. Neil because of his under confidence dabbles in the shallows nervously, meanwhile Michael is out in the deep riding the waves and happily accepting all the challenges thrown at him by the sea knowing he will succeed.The story teaches Neil a lot. He is taught to move out with his mothers domination. Not to worry too much about how other people perceive him and that he should not be at all afraid of revealing his psoriasis, not keeping it hidden. He has nothing to be ashamed of and therefore he should not hide away or dabble in the shadows but be sure of himself, confident enough to do what he thinks best not what his mother often wrongly thinks he should do, to be his own person and not a clone of his mother.

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Attack Essay

tone-beginning is a poesy written in 1917 by Siegfried Sassoon speckle he was convalescing from his wounds in a hospital in Scotland. He was a soldier who fought in the First World War. Attack is a short, 13-line poem written in speech rhythm with some rhyme. The poem is described in a very vivid way which makes the reader think that the reservoir himself witnessed the scene. The poem begins with the poet describing the setting of the poem. The landscape is in a field of study where there are still remains of previous battles. The poet pictures it in a way that makes the scene very menacing and uncomfortable.The poem goes on with the soldiers fighting in the attack with their hopes struggling in the midst of war. Sassoon then ends the poem with an impassioned plea, O Jesus, make in stop One major technique that the author uses in order to convey of the horror of the battlefield and what it seemed to be like to be in an attack is literal and figurative imageries. Examples of lit eral images are the ridgepole emerges, bombs and guns and shovels and battle-gear, lines of grey, muttering faces. The poet uses very striking diction that makes the poem sounds more uncomfortable, for example, scarred slope.The colour of the atmosphere is described as dun and wild purple which accentuates on the menacing atmosphere of the setting. The verbs at the beginning of the poem are very significant as they seem to be particularly strong in this poem, like the description of the tank creep and topple over the ridge, the barrage that roars and lifts or the men who jostle and climb to, etc. On the other hand, the poet similarly uses a lot of figurative images. These figurative images include time ticks blank and busy on their wrists, and hope, with furtive eyes, , flounders in mud, etc.These images help to body and emphasize the meaning of the poem, for example, in line 11 While time ticks blank and busy on their wrists The figurative image here delivers the meaning of the soldiers while fighting in the attack, are not aware of the time and how it ticks blankly and busily on their wrists. These two adjectives creates an alliteration that further emphasizes the meaning of how the soldiers are scantily spending meaningless time on the battlefield, forgetting who they are and what they do. Furthermore, the same kind of hopelessness is caught by the image of the time ticks blank and busy.This idea is brought out to us more clearly by the two last lines of the poem. Hope is personified as something with furtive eyes and grappling iron fists that flounders in mud, as if to compare it to the soldiers. The short statement, flounders in mud is also mentioning the solders falling down and dying in the attack. The impassioned plea at the end by the author seems to have a large(p) effect on the readers as it shows the emotions and how sincerely the poet wants everything of this to stop. The mood of this poem if mostly menacing to the readers, it somehow makes us sympathize for the soldiers.Seeing the images of the attack, it also seems to have an affectional effect on the readers. The punctuations in the poem also help the poem to create a bigger effect of this. In many lines, a caesura is employ to make the previous sentence emphasized and creates suspense as well as having a greater effect on the readers. Overall, Siegfried Sassoon has showed through the poem Attack shows how the soldiers have to go to the battlefield to fight on the lands of previous battles, having time ticking through and as they fall down, their hope also flounders, leaving them with their faces muttered, their fists grappling

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Paddy Power Plc

Paddy military unit Plc Introduction My get a line is Maureen Hogan and I am doing a level 6 advanced administration and my assignment is to research Paddy Powers Bookmakers Plc Aims * A brief history of t organisation * Organisation type, and sector in which it operates * A detailed psychoanalysis of the organisation goals and objectives * Particular attention should be given to the customer service policy of the organisation * An organisation chart and chin-wag on whether it has Flat or Tall management structure * Analysis of its products, services, locations, pricing and marketing strategy * Profile of competitors Construct a SWOT analysis for the organisation and explain the points you make * Construct a PESTS analysis for the organisation and points raised here need to be explained also History Paddy Power is a fourth generation Irish bookmaker his great grand laminitis Richard, started the family business back in 1898 from his native Tramore Co. Waterford. Richard Power bus iness grew to become one and only(a) of the most respected and well known bookmakers in Ireland.Paddys grandfather, Paddy, then took over the family business and passed it in turn on to Paddys father David. In the 1980s betting tax in Ireland was halved which caused an influx of the big UK betting firms. This put the Irish bookmakers under fierce competitive pressure and it was in this time that David Power merged his family betting shops with John Corcoran of Patrick Corcoran bookmakers and Stewart Kenny of Kenny OReilly bookmakers.The Power name was retained due to its resonance with Irish punters, and Paddy name was used to emphasise the companys origins. Paddy spent his school holidays working for his father at various Irish racecourses, and in summers marking the boards in many Paddy Power betting shops. After graduating from Dublin City University Paddy started working full time for the company where he now holds the model of Communications Director. Paddy is one of the best known bookmakers today with regular appearances on TV and radio across the UK and Ireland. Organisation

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ACL in practice

One way to ensure the integrity of the data is to check for duplicate records. To find the enumerate center of a field, use the gist command. The Quick Sort feature lets you visual modality the data in sequential order. A filter is a logical demeanor that you can type in the views Filter text box. CAL displays only those records that match the filter. An expression is a set of operators and economic values that you use to perform calculations, specify conditions for a test, or create values that do not exist directly in the data. An CAL expression can be a combination of data field or computed fields, operators,constants, functions, and variables.Commands Statistics, Profile, Duplicate, sum total, Quick Sort See the detailed explanations below. In this chapter you accomplished the following tasks Opening a check sucking the project contents development Statistics and Profile commands to analyze data Using Quick Sort to enlighten the data in a specified order Creating and applying filters Examine the employee list Tasks pick up the employee data project. Get statistical picture. Check for duplicate employee records. Open and view the employee data project Open the employee data projectProject Open an existing and save project as Surname_ metaphor_Employee_Data, then K, and close project. Open an existing projectSurname_Metaphor_Employee_Data and start. Tables Agents_Metaphor lists all of Metaphors independent sales agents around the world. Rename this file as Surname_Agents_Metaphor. Employee_List lists all of the Metaphor employees at the head office. Rename this file as Surname_Employee_list. View the contents of the employee data project (Insert your answer here) Get a statistical picture begin statistics on the employee list Use Profile to get in pution about a tableLook for duplicate records Look for duplicate employee numbers Examine employee salaries and Bonuses Find total indemnityes paid in 2002 Use the Total command to find total bonu ses paid in 2002 View salaries in descending and ascending order View employee salaries in descending and ascending order View employees hired in 2002 Create a filter to show employees that were hired in 2002 Determine bonus as a percentage of salary Your Log Your Folder Explanations STATISTICS Syntax numeric-field-list specifies the numeric fields or expressions for which statistics will be put upd. Et-field-list specifies the hear fields or expressions for which statistics will be provided. SST calculates the standard deviation of the fields specified, in addition to the other statistics. Obtaining statistics on numeric and date fields Use Statistics on date and numeric fields to obtain an overview of the data. For specified fields, the Statistics command provides Record counts, field totals, and average field values for positive, nil, and negative field values Absolute value Ranges Highest and utmost field values The Statistics command also populates a number of system variabl es. To use theStatistics command choose Analyze Statistical Statistics to display the Statistics talks box. PROFILE PROFILE numeric fields numeric_fields specifies the numeric fields to be profiled. Producing summary statistics on numeric fields Use the Profile command to provide summary statistics on one or more numeric fields in a table. Profile provides the following information for numeric fields Total value Absolute value Minimum value Maximum value Profile is used primarily to determine token(prenominal), maximum, absolute, and total field values (as appropriate) forrader issuing the Stratify, Histogram, or Sample commands.If you want an overview of a table before detailed processing, the Statistics command provides more complete information. After a field has been profiled, CAL knows its minimum and maximum values. These values are then used as defaults for the Minimum and Maximum parameters in the Stratify and Histogram commands. Similarly, CAL knows the absolute value of the field and uses this value as the default for the Population parameter in the Sample command. If the Automatic Profile interface preference is turned on, CAL automatically produces a profile of all the numeric fields in a table each time a new table is opened.The profiles can be viewed in the command results. To turn this option on, select Tools from the menu bar and choose Options. Click the Table tab and select Automatically Profile on Open. To use the Profile command Select Analyze Statistical Profile to display the Profile duologue box. DUPLICATES DUPLICATES learn_field . ON key-field specifies the fields or expressions to check for duplicates. UNFORMATTED suppresses page headings and page breaks when the output is directed to a file. OTHER field-list specifies a list of fields or expressions to include in the output for a duplicates test.The fields are reported in columnar format with duplicate items displayed in grouped rows. A blank line separates each set of duplica tes. The duplicated key field values are reported in the jump column, followed by the specified fields. PRESORT sorts the primary table on the primary key before testing for duplicates. You cannot use the PRESORT keyword in a group. Testing for duplicates The Duplicates command detects whether key fields in the active table contain duplicates. To test for duplicate records Select Analyze from the menu bar and choose Look for Duplicates to display theDuplicates dialog box. If your table contains a great many records, it is faster and more useful to save the command results to a file than to display the results on the screen. get pith numeric fields Totaling numeric fields or expressions Use the Total command to total numeric fields or expressions in the active table. Total is typically used to prove the completeness and accuracy of the data and to produce control totals. Total finds the arithmetic sum of the fields or expressions specified. As well as displaying the totals request ed, this command saves the result n a special variable, Totals. Is normally 1, but adopts the sequential command number when Total is issued in a group, for example, TOTAL 17. To use the Total command Select Analyze from the menu bar and choose Total Fields to display the Total dialog box. Sorting a view with Quick Sort You can use Quick Sort to sort records on any field. Applicable only to the view, Quick Sort is a temporary means to view your records in ascending or descending order. When you are finished with Quick Sort, you can turn it off to return the view to the order in which the records exist in the table.To use Quick Sort, right-click the column header and select one of the sort options Quick Sort Ascending sorts the records from lowest to highest. Quick Sort Descending sorts the records from highest to lowest. Quick Sort Off restores the records to the previous sort order. Quick Sort applies to the view only and not to commands, which use the sort order that is present in the table. To sort the records in the table, use the Sort command. To index the table by one or more fields, use the proponent command. Quick Sort is not available for dynamic server-based CAL tables.

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A Reflection Paper on Night by Elie Wiesel Essay

Night, an autobiography by Eliezer Weisel, recounts his experience of being a Jew in the Holocaust during the azoic 1840s. The base explores the escalation of concern in the Jews and its overriding presence in their lives, Eliezers crisis of doctrine, and the loss of humanity in the Jewish people including the numerous see to its of wipeout purge forth in the book. Weisel portrays their terrors in ways we could never dream of and makes us look at how people are affected spiritually in the energise of dehumanizing despicable. Also, he portrays in the story how the Jews were stripped of everything in the Holocaust including their human dignity and self worth.The escalation of fear is a common thread throughout this book. In the beginning, when all foreign Jews were expelled from their town of Sighet, the remaining Jews pretended that those exported were better off wherever they were now. Then, when Moishe the Beadle (an exported Jewish foreigner) returned to Sighet one day an d told the Jews how he had escaped by pretense he had been killed along with the others, he was titled as a madman who only wanted their pity. The Jews refused to even listen to Moishe the Beadle let alone accept anything he said as the truth. The Jews lived in denial and in a state of pretending up until the point in which they were transported and brought to the concentration camp at Birkenau. At that point fear became real in the eyes of the Jews for they saw for themselves the flames from the crematorium and the smell of burning flesh.From then on fear guided their every vigilant moment for it enveloped their common sense and being. It began to control them and it made them act in unimaginable ways. Eliezer feared losing everything he had. This was in a way a driving effectiveness that kept him alive. For example, when the alarm at the concentration camp sounded and everyone had to stay in their checks, a couple of pots of soup were left unguarded. Even though they were star ving, fear overcame hunger. However, at that place was one Jew who was bold enough to risk his life for an extra ration of soup and who ended up with a bullet in his back. This scene cemented their fear of death in everyones mind.One of the main conflicts in Eliezer Wiesels life is his struggle with his faith. Before the Holocaust, Eliezer was a deeply observant scholar who had devouted a great deal of his time towards his faith and studies. His faith in perfectionwas unconditional and seemed unchangeable up until the moment he left his train car and arrived at the death camp. It was at that point in his life when he would never regard his faith with the same view again. He did not understand why the God he had spent so much time on throughout his life would just suddenly desert him and the whole Jewish race.He felt up deeply betrayed because God has let Jews be taken from their homes, brought to concentration camps, and be left to be tortured and even cruelly killed. These even ts are permanently enter in his mind and caused his faith to prove not so unshakable after all. One particularly scarring event for Eliezer was when a little boy was hung because his barrack was found to be in possession of many weapons. Eliezer felt Gods complete abandonment in that He would allow such a young and innocent boy to be hung.Eliezers loss of faith makes one think how easily one might unload his own faith if put in Eliezers same position. For it is easy to love the Lord in times of peace, but the real challenge is keeping ones faith in God and in His unconditional love for us when profound suffering comes knocking at the door. Through seeing Eliezers agitate faith, we learn that the Jews did not only suffer physically, emotionally, and mentally in the Holocaust but also spiritually.A third common theme in the story is one of death and the loss of the Jews humanity through their suffering in the concentration camps. The amount of torture and cruelty and stark go outs of death the Jews encounter in the Holocaust is unfathomable. Take for example the instance when Eliezer and his father were being transported for the last time to Buchenwald concentration camp. When their open train car passed through a town, the township thought it would be entertaining to throw bread into their cars and then witness the savage pandemonium that would ensue.The Jews in those cars were at the point of dying. Frozen and starved they would lose all human decency and actually fight to the death over a piece of bread. At this point there were no morals left among the Jews for their suffering was so profound that they began to lose their humanity and act give care animals. This dehumanization of the Jews can be further demonstrated in comparing their corpses to sacks of flour. When dead bodies were propel out of the traincars or into the crematoria, no respect was shown to the humanity of that Jew.The concluding image of the corpse in the mirror succinctly sums up th e themes in the book. The Jews fear of death prevented them from acting rashly which might have gotten them killed but it also prevented them from taking bold steps to ensure their survival (for example, stealing food). The corpse image represents Eliezers loss of faith because by denying the existence of a loving and merciful God he is denying his dignity in being created in the image of God. And thirdly, the corpse is a clear representation of death and ones loss of humanity in the wake of immense suffering that strips you of your dignity and worth. In conclusion, the suffering of the Jews in the Holocaust was so profound that they were affected on all levels beginning with being physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually affected to being treated like animals stripped of all self dignity and humanity.Bibliography for Pride and Prejudice Reflection Paper1. Weisel, Elie, Weisel, Marion. Night. New York Hill and Wang, 2006. Print.

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Los Angeles Abrasion Value

LOS ANGELES ABRASION VALUE This method describes the procedure for the determination of the Los Angeles Abrasion Value of aggregate APPARATUS Australian Standard sieves (Grade B) as required. 1 2 A thermostatically controlled oven with good air ventilation capable of maintaining a temperature inwardly the range of 105C to 110C. 3 Sieve brushes. 4 Balance readable and accurate to at least one gram. 5 Sample divider of the multiple slot type. A suitable design is shown in Figure 1. 6 Los Angeles Machine essential dimensions complying with Figure 2.Worksheet, MRD 1165 (recommendation only) 7. PROCEDURE 1 Obtain a attempt take taken in agreement with Test Method WA200. 1. 2 Select a grading defined in Table 1 seize to the particle size distribution of the test sample. 3 Wash the test sample by agitation under running water for approximately ten minutes. 5 Dry the test sample to constant mass (Note a), in an oven at a temperature within the range of 105C to 110C, cool to room tempera ture and sieve it on the appropriate sieves until a sufficient mass of each fraction has been obtained.Adjust the mass of material so obtained for each sieve fraction by quartering or riffling, if necessary, to within two percent of the relevant mass shown in Table. 1. Determine the mass of each fraction and combine the sieve fractions to form a test persona ), to at least the nearest 1g, of the test portion. Place it, together with the appropriate ball charge defined in Table 1, in the Los Angeles Machine. Rotate the railcar for 500 or 1 000 revolutions as required in Table 1 (Note b).

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Industrial Revolutionists Thomas Edison

During a era of industrial economic revolution there were few people who were recognized as major contri thators to the countrys evolvement. Among these people were Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller and Thomas Edison. These three men possessed incredible intuition, genius and personal determination that shined brightly end-to-end their extraordinary lives. Each individual proved to be nothing less than successful in his carry offer by striving to surpass his competitors and by forever trying to reach goals that were practic each(prenominal)y unattainable.In this essay I will cover each individuals life and accomplishments, identify how these men helped the nation fix its national economic flaws and explain why I think they were successful over achievers rather than robber barons. Andrew Carnegie was one of these individuals. Although he was born poor, he did not permit his financial disability get in the focal point of success. He started out his career at the bottom of t he social latter. In fact his first strain was working as a bobbin boy at a textile mill. He labored more than sixty hours a week receiving $1. 20 for each weeks work.As horrid as this seems, he displayed his potential by becoming Pittsburghs fastest telegraph reader. Unbelievably he read the telegraph by reading the sounds of the keys by ear. After decoding many of the citys business leaders messages, Carnegie developed an insiders view of their operations. Finally, in 1852 a superintendent of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Tom Scott, hired Carnegie as his secretary and personal telegrapher. He worked as the railroads telegrapher for seven years until Scott was promoted to vice president of the caller-up. This enabled Carnegie to be promoted to Scotts former position.Now that he had the ability to stretch his legs he showed just how valuable of an employee he was. He did this by doubling the participations road mileage and quadrupling its traffic. Not too long after, his annual in come rose to almost $60,000 dismantle though Carnegie had already embodied the rags to riches dream he was not satisfied. In the 1870s he decided to build a make mill. He furnished it with nothing but state of the art steel producing technology. He named it the J. Edgar Thompson Mill. With the combination of his management knowledge and intuition he learned how to produce steel much more cheaply than his competitors.He did this by salary cutbacks and by making sure no materials were wasted. Watch the cost, and the profits will take care of themselves. This was his motto and what he firmly believed in. Because Carnegie could see the big picture, he began vertical integration (controlling all aspects of manufacturing). This gave him the ability to control every thing from the extracting of raw materials to the sell of the finished product. Basically, Carnegie had built a monopoly (exclusive control over the entire steel commodity). By now Carnegie had help in running his company.A long with his business associates, he developed a partnership with Henry Clay Frick who eventually became the chairmen of Carnegie Steel. With Fricks leadership, profits constantly rose giving Carnegie more time to focus on his philanthropy. Carnegie felt that fortunes corrupted their possessors, so he donated over three ampere-second million dollars to philanthropy projects This funding helped establish nominateations and proved to be beneficial to universities, libraries as well as his popularity.About ten years later, the aged Andrew Carnegie agreed to sell Carnegie Steel Company to J. Pierpont Morgan. It was agreed that Morgan would buy the company for five hundred million dollars. Once the transaction was complete, United States Steel was born. Carnegie proved himself to be a self made man of success who started at the bottom and trudged his way to the top. With his amazing intuition and decision making ability he built an empire that made a notch in American history and help ed bring about the industrial revolution. John D. Rockefeller, the founder of Standard embrocate Company, also played a role in the industrial revolution. He too longed for wealth and prosperity.He went about this by making many little decisions rather than huge ones. He did this by adjusting every single aspect of his oil company until it was a finely tuned money making machine. He stressed the importance of providing a reliable product and used the latest techniques in ensuring the quality of his products. worry Carnegie, his crude business techniques along with his extraordinary intuition in the understanding of the industry provided for a complete monopoly over the industry. He displayed his power by set his products below cost.This caused his competitors and merchants that refused to sell his products to go under financially. By 1879, Rockefeller owned ninety percent of the nations oil refining capacity. Unlike Carnegie, Rockefeller devised a plan to merge all of the competi ng companies into one giant system. He did this by persuading stockholders of forty companies to exchange their stock for certificates of trust. He formed a board of trustees to run all of the companies. This proved to be a remarkable idea indeed because within three years the Standard Oil Trust had cut the number of refineries in half.This resulted in a rapid growth of Standard Oil and its spread to several other continents. Because other fields of manufacturing began to catch on to Rockefellers tactics, monopolistic control began to ride in different areas of the country. This provoked the public to ask for an investigation of trusts and their operations. In 1890, Senator John Sherman led Congress into passing the Sherman Anti-Trust Act which outlawed trusts and contracts or combinations in restraint of trade. It also established fines and jail times as penalties.Because the government vaguely defined trust and restraint of trade few were prosecuted. When Rockefeller and Standard Oil were lastly challenged in 1892, he simply transformed his nine trustees into the board of directors of Standard Oil. This helped the company elude prosecution and caused the continuation of growing profits. want Carnegie, Rockefeller found the loophole in the economic system and took advantage of it. But he also displayed his keen sense of intuition and decision making by making decisions that helped his company adapt to the changing laws.He too showed that through hard work, determination and understanding of ones surroundings a person could be successful. The trio of these successful individuals is Thomas A. Edison. An inventor born in 1847, he believed in hard work and self-promotion. Like Carnegie and Rockefeller, Edison envisioned an interconnected industrial system founded. This though was being founded on the basis of technology. Through out his life he had many inventions having the stock quotation printer as his first.The profits he get from the sale of the printers patent gave him enough money to build his very own invention factory. After the invention of the telephone, Edison focused on electric light. During this time he invented the phonograph which gave him even more determination and self-motivation to develop a new filament for incandescent light bulbs. He finally perfected a process of generating electricity and found a filament that would glow dependably in a vacuum. Backed by J. P. Morgan in 1882, the Edison informative Company opened a power plant that furnished light for eighty-five buildings.Even though Edison was prospering, he did have competitors stealing his ideas. One face would be George Westinghouse. Westinghouse developed a system that used alternating currents of electricity to provide cheap high voltage power. Of course Edison sued, but it cost two million dollars to defend his patents and relinquish control over his enterprises. Like Carnegie and Rockefeller, Edison merged with a competitor in 1892 to form General El ectric. Just four years after, GE agreed to exchange patents with Westinghouse in order to dominate the market.Edison continued to pump out invention after invention. By the time he was done, he had 1,903 patented inventions and had put together an estate worth over six million dollars. Thomas Edison did not quite achieve the financial status Carnegie and Rockefeller did, but he did follow the same path and ended up with a fortune. His presence is still felt every time someone turns the light on. That is definitely an admirable achievement. His inventions helped shape our nation and contributed greatly to the industrial revolution.Although Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller and Thomas Edison were considered robber barons or tycoons, the big picture can be over looked. During their time many things such as industrialism and business techniques were evolving into a new era of technology and business. It is obvious that these three men were born with an incredible intuition for the industries they were in. Its not to say no one else of their time shared this ability, but they were among the few who reached for the stars instead of a weekly pay check.These men put into panorama what pursuing the American dream is all about. It was their personal determination and work ethic along with their keen intuition that enabled them to be successful. Many people whole tone as if it was their greed that lead them to monopolize their chosen industry, causing other competitors to suffer. I think it hadnt much to do with greed at all. Like any successful person they set their goals beyond their limits. They did nothing more than try to accomplish as much as possible in their lifetime.Doing so they found flaws in the nations economic system and capitalized on them. If anything, this provided for the correction of these flaws and the betterment of the nations domestic business structure. Of course there were those at the bottom of the social reach that suffered, but that st ill lives on today. Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller and Thomas Edison not only contributed to our countrys industrialization and economic growth, but also proved that the American dream does exists and can be achieved if one puts forth enough of himself to grasp it.

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How Social Media is Transforming Events Marketing Management Essay

It is believed that loving media began prior to the evolution of the profits. The telephone was the first shaft of light of kindly media that gave people the chance to cordialize and gather development. However, at the turn of twentieth century, online converse became ordinary among various groups of society. People began to get into virtual communication with the use of cellular phones and computers. favorable networking became popular because it was a venue to draw people towards one another. This was in like manner very universal and its popularity was not limited to a certain age group.Amazingly, societal networking and sociable media become part of mainstream culture and the business atomic number 18a ( biography). It was observed that kind media became very valuable not barely in accessibleizing and schooling aggregation but also in business where there has been undischargeder dependence on the use of internet in promoting and market of products and/or servi ces. friendly media has provided the new-fangled world with easy access to information, kindization and pastime in the fastest way possible through the advancement of technology.Interestingly, the networks extradite become extremely synergistic and user-friendly that even a neophyte could easily learn to operate it in a pithy period of time. hearty media has transform into a powerful means of communication using numerous gadgets which have caught the interest of a larger number of people, the business practitioners take advantage of it to broaden the scope of their market. Truly, with the emersion of social media where people sack communicate interactively with one another regardless of distance, business has been given a special place and opportunity to advertise or promote their business to a much larger populace.Most authors have recognized the definition of social media provided by Wikipedia as the initial source of information about it. Gradually, antithetical de finitions have been formulated to increase peoples aw atomic number 18ness of its definition. Safko and Brake mentioned that social media refers to activities, practices, and doingss among communities of people who gather online to share information, knowledge, and opinions using conversational media (2009 6).On the other hand, Evans has an expanded definition of social media. He stated that Social media is the democratization of information, transforming people from content readers into content publishers. It is a shift from a broadcast mechanism to a more-to-many model, rooted in conversations between authors, people, and peers (2008 33). The author acknowledged various forms of communication utilized in social media such as internet forums, message boards, weblogs, wikis, podcasts, picture and video (2008 33). later on, it expanded to include blogs, picture-sharing, blogs, wall-postings, email, instant messaging, music-sharing, group creation and voice over IP. Social media ha s a big potential as a channel through which promotional activities leave be forwarded to its users. Social medias unique features make it very usable and functional in market proceedss. Evans stated that it is fundamentally different from handed-down media (2008 33) known as newspaper, television, books, and radio. Social media is interactive media.This is one advantage of social media over traditional media. Other advantages include (1) it has different social online channels, (2) it changes over time, and (3) it is participative. The power to influence the audience is what makes social media sympathetic to business practitioners. Social media is authoritative. Existing right in front of the computer communicating genuinely in a personal way to the customer about a product is very advantageous for those who are using social media in merchandising or in public relation campaign.Given the real nature of social media, guinea pig marketing has come to its new shape. At the sam e time, force marketing has begun to utilize the services of social media in marketing and promotion. Though at some point, they cater to confusable interests that is, individual interaction and the participation of people with the bon tons re attestatives. Pomer, on the issue of integrating result marketing and social media, described military issue marketing as a strategy which focuses on personal interaction by attending, sponsoring and speaking at trade shows, industry meet-ups, etc (par. ). Bowdin, Allen and OToole described strategic event marketing as the process by which an event organization aligns business and marketing objectives and the environments in which they occur, with marketing activities that fulfill the needs of event consumers (2006184). Event marketing has come to its new shape through social media influence No one could deny how social media, beingness a vehicle of information and communication, has transformed event marketing into a more meaningful a nd highly strategic promotional activity.In Bulmers article on the impact of social media on business, he stated that the trend today is to defecate a network or use social media to deepen customer intimacy (par. 1). Social media has been use these days without acknowledging this fact as Bulmer put it. He emphasized that, the ability of social media to change behavior and to impact a professionals decision-making processes is the real essence of success in using this in business. Practically, social medias approach in dealing with the audience in a genuine and an interactive manner somehow influences the approaches of event management to its customers.Event marketing management therefore becomes livelier, customer-oriented, interactive, personal, and dependent on audience feedback. There are several reasons for this. First, admittedly, as Shone and Parry pointed out that human society is mixed and interactive (2004 50). It means that regardless of culture, different societies ce lebrate in diverse ways, from the ancient period to the modern times, from a traditional way to a technological way it makes no difference as abundant as events involve people and celebration or activities.Shaping event management following the principles basis social media will help draw a lot of people to the message because there is interaction and exchange of communication. Secondly, various events such as festivities, wedding, etc. serve to strengthen social bonds as easily as to spread enjoyment around (Shone & Parry, 2004 51). Peoples primary intention for celebrating events publicly is to pay off their longing for socialization and enjoyment. Thus, involving the familiarity in events in such a way that they express cozy satisfaction for socialization and enjoyment can make events management very successful.Shone and Parry stressed that without the social contact that event often give, the feeling of isolation in society can be great (2004 51). Hence, event management m ust be in the context of the communitys perception of event celebration which is socialization and enjoyment. Given this, certain changes have been observed in conducting event marketing. Borges noted how businesses today acknowledge social media as an effective mechanism for reaching a target market (2009 57).He even emphasized that myopic attitude that a business decision maker has on social media will eventually lead him to lose the business. Moreover, a business executive having event marketing founded on social media will ultimately be transparent, forthcoming, honest, sincere, and also to contribute something of worth (Borges, 2009 63). Since the events for the purpose of marketing require a group of community participation, the activities involved have had considerable improvement in call of acceptable approaches in dealing with the community.The companys marketing arm learns to be transparent, forthcoming, honest and sincere in everything they present before their audienc e. It is different from traditional marketing wherein its objective is purely making people buy or patronize a product using various ways to manipulate their decision-making. Hence, marketing an event for a product, presents live and active interaction and participation from the community online or offline. Event marketing management facilitates Social Media MarketingThe great global financial crisis has brought to the mind of marketing managers the idea of utilizing social media in their promotional activities. The Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, and many other social networking channels have been utilized for the purpose of marketing. The good news for marketing managers is that it is free. From the research findings presented by Bulmer in his article, he mentioned several impacts that social media has on business which helped transform event marketing to social media marketing.With such, he recognized the following findings (1) decision making in the business world today is m ore social (2) many professionals are using social networking sites particularly Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (3) many decisions have been drawn from information gathered through active users of social media (4) many professionals trust the information they gather from the sites (5) social media users have significantly increased in three years and (6) many professionals assemble well outside preferably using social media sites than within the organizational intranet (Bulmer).Hence, there is widespread course credit of the impact of social networking in business from the business worlds perspective. The growing business community participation in the online world proves the fact that When you join a group online, you are joining a community (Borges, 2009 63). Social media started to become popular among groups of people for personal use primarily for communication purposes. Eventually, this became a good scratch to interact, send greetings, and share information to friends. Mo st importantly, it had become a powerful operator recognized to support the marketing arm of any business.Through social media, the way people do the business has transformed into social sales because people believe in the power of online communication in mobilizing sales teams by building good relationship with customers. Shih recognized that social network marketing talks about the breakthrough new marketing techniques made possible by online social networks (2009 6). Some of these that she mentioned are hypertargeting, enhanced ability to capture passive interest and conduct rapid testing and iteration on campaigns, social community engagement, and automated word-of-mouth marketing (Shih, 2009 6).Furthermore, Tobin and Braziel emphasized that social media marketing plan is base on engagement not traffic (2008 79) which means that this type of marketing focuses on web events or the interactions users have with features which could be in form of blogs, comments, post, video view s, and many others. Importance of social media in marketing event Availing the use of social media for marketing purposes has a lot to offer to a business. Borges mentioned several benefits of social media aside from the fact that larger potential buyers who are receptive to new information and trend can be met through social network sites.Some of the benefits named are low cost, brand building, staffing advantages, loyalty, level compete field, building trust, convergence of PR and social media for viral marketing, positive SEO benefits, quantifiable metrics, and educational (2008 131-140). In terms of costs, social media requires a low budget which is almost free, for a service that values relationships. Brands are being built through a good content using the internet platform. Thus, it is simpler and appealing to consumers.Few, yet highly talented staff, who can work in an enjoyable work environment are needed when using social media because content is more important here. Using social media builds loyalty among internet users because of its being user-friendly. This is unrealizable to establish using advertisements and other promotional activities. Besides, all types of people can make use of it exchangeable anyone else regardless of economic or social status. Likewise, through a sincere voice in the content, the company can easily acquire trust from the people. In effect, social media as a PR tool can be an integral part of marketing activities.Furthermore, links attached to marketing in social media creates a bridge connecting to the companys website thus increasing the chance of the customer browsing of the webpage. learnedness is considered as one of the benefits of social media. Not only do the internet users learn but companies also learn. Armed with this information, social media has evolved from purely socialization and enjoyment to something highly beneficial to businesses. For this reason, there is no suspect for business executives to resor t to using social media in one of the tools in marketing an event.ConclusionSocial media has begun existing without clear importance rather than for socialization and personal or group enjoyment. However, with the increasing popularity of social networking when the internet was introduced to the public in 1990, this form of social interaction gained remarkable importance not only among the general public but also among business groups locally and internationally. Indeed, the ability of the social media to satisfy the users with its personalised features, has led to the discovery that it could be a potential instrument in shaping the mind of the audience.Social media has unique characteristics. It can change perception, it is very appealing, and it is effective in marketing an event. However, any business executive who wants to use its service must understand how it serves the public. Its special features that draw people together from all walks of living are derived from an honest, transparent, forthcoming and sincere way of dealing with one another. This same way is expected among event marketers in order that marketing of events will be appropriate to users expectations.

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A Streetcar Named Desired

The Character of Blanche in A ropeway Named Desire Blanche, Stellas is by far the most complex character of the play. An intelligent and sensitive woman who values literature and the creativeness of the human imagination, she is also emotionally traumatised and repressed. This gives license for her own imagination to become a haven for her pain. angiotensin-converting enzyme senses that Blanches own view of her real self as opposed to her ideal self has been increasingly muzzy over the years until it is sometimes difficult for her to tell the difference.It is a challenge to find the key to Blanches melancholic but perchance the roots of her trauma lie in her early marriage. She was haunted by her unfitness to help or understand her young, troubled husband and that she has tortured herself for it ever since. Her drive to lose herself in the kindness of strangers might also be understood from this period in that her sense of confidence in her own feminine attraction was shaken by the knowledge of her husbands homo sexuality and she is driven to use her sexual charms to attract men over and over. Yet, beneath all this, there is a desire to find a companion, to find fulfilment in love.She is not successful because of her refusal or inability to face reality, in her hatful and in herself. Blanche has a hard time confronting her mixed desires and therefore is never able to sort them bring out and deal with them. She wants a cultured man but is often subconsciously attracted to strong, basic male characters, perhaps a response to her marriage with a cultured, sensitive man which ended in disaster. So although Blanche dislikes Stanley as a person, she is drawn to him as a type of man who is resoundingly heterosexual and who is strong plentiful to protect her from an increasingly harsh world.This seems to be the reason for her brief relationship with Mitch, but it becomes clear to Blanche that Stanley is the sovereign male here and she begins to acknowledge th at fact. When Blanche tells the operator in Scene Ten that she is caught in a trap, reveal of her realises she has set herself up via her desires. Stanley is the embodiment of what she needs, yet detests, and, because of her sister, can never have. After Stanley has stripped her of her self-respect in this scene, she becomes desperate, unable to retreat to her fantasies and so this deeper layer of her desires is revealed.You can read alsoSimilarities and Conflicts in a Streetcar Named DesireYet, Blanche does not know how to face these feelings and she senses to give into them could be disastrous for her. As Stanley advances towards her, she tells him, I admonish you, dont, Im in danger but Stanley has made sure that this time there is no where for her to hide. In her final examination act, she silently acknowledges that her own desires have also led to this date. It is interesting that neither Blanche nor Stanley seriously seem to take on Stella as Scene Ten reaches a climax. They both recognise that somehow they are drawn unitedly and also repelled by forces that are directly between them and that have little to do with Stella.Things come to a head so quickly that it is as if tensions have been bubblingore emotionally and mentally crippled than before. Yet, Stanley and by reference book Stella, are not clear victors. Like Blanche, Stanley is also revealed to be capable of deceit, he does not apply the truth of what happened between him and Blanche to his friends, to Stella, and maybe not even to himself. Stella makes a conscious decision to believe Stanley kind of of her sister because to do otherwise would be both emotionally and economically difficult with a invigorated baby so she, too, is loving in a measure of self-deception.Stanley survives because of sheer physical presence, not because of whatsoever innate superiority. Blanche suffers overall on many fronts in her new environment, but in conclusion although i does feel pity for Blanche s he has to a large extent with her own weaknesses brought her own downfall. Blanche can not grapple in the new household she is placed in Stella has already claimed her territory and ultimately will guide her marriage over her sister.Blanches past erupts into the present and without at the forefront is the contradiction to the facade Blanche has put up over her sexual needs and desires. So confused is Blanche over sex the one weapon she has to contact a husband her sexuality she can no longer use. In the end Blanche is living in a era which was smashed a hundred years before this moment of time in the play. This era Blanche lameness in is the gentile society of Southern America with wealthy European colonials engaging politely in society. For Blanche this refusal to let go of the past and adjust to her new surroundings and the

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Management Role in Ensuring Editorial Freedom

Responsibility, credibility and quality are key haggle for a large, serious media group. This applies in relation to the users of our media, customers, employees, shareholders and the societies in which we work. At the forefront, however, is the publishing responsibility to safeguard column independence and exemption of speech in the media which we own. Free media are among the main contributors to loaded, live democracies. A credible, strong media should defend Copernican values such as religious freedom, tolerance, human rights and democratic principles. They must deliberate a diversity of opinion.For this reason, they should also provide different ways of looking at issues and views on important questions in earthly concern debates. The management must facilitate editors in complying with the legislation and ethical regulations of the country where the trading operations take place. Editorial quality and credibility are the cornerstone of publishing activities and these, to gether with the individual mean(a)s articles of association, form the basis for the editors work. The editor-in-chief has full freedom and is personally and fully responsible for the content of the strong point of which he or she is in charge.However, there are only few publications that allow their editors with total freedom. In reality, an independent press is a myth. Or at best, a glorified term. Most editors dare not write their straightforward comment/opinion. In other words, they are sometimes paid to keep their honest opinions out of the paper. And if they do defy the management, they would soon be out on the streets hunting for a sunrise(prenominal) job. Most managements have vested interests political, social and cultural in running the paper, which may not gel with the opinions held by the editors they employ.It is here that the editors have to either compromise with their newspaper column values or pay a equipment casualty for standing up to them. In private, corpo rate media environments, editorial hiring and firing are the preserve of the owners. Media houses (read owners) have develop highly profit-oriented organizations. So editorial values are always at stake Distortion of intelligence agency and comment in such a scenario becomes the order of the day. Most owners hand-pick their editors so that the policy of the owner becomes the policy of the editor.Dissent is seldom allowed It is media owners who possess the great weapon today i. e. , one useful against incumbent politicians fearful of bad press, lack of access, and endorsement of opponents. This sorry, quid-pro-quo, relationship leads to media corruption, benefitting only the ruling, corporate, class. Managements giving complete editorial freedom is therefore rare. But any newspaper which enjoys more flexibility and freedom from their management, has the potential to make greater impact and live up to the reputation of a frank, fair and fearless media.Todays concentration of medi a ownership and editorial power brings into sharp focus not only the immense responsibility, but also the freedom and dry land of editors in particular those with huge audiences. Yet it is major-media owners, and their hand-picked editors, who decide what the vast majority see, hear, and read. Media owners and their editors have become the unelected, and unregulated, keepers of the public trust and molders of the public mind.

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Case analysis on Gen Y in the workforce Essay

After reading the quality of Gen Y in the Workforce it bottom of the inning be understood that contemporaries Y in the readyforce is interested to not just viscous to the regular schedule but also going beyond and thinking out of the box. In the case ride had some new and fresh root words to promote the Triple-F movie, which was appreciated by the CEO. As talked about the Generation Y, the Millennial be tech-savvy, smart and wants faster results and knowledge. All these qualities can be truly well seen in twit with several instances like he is always busy with his Iphone, his melodic themes regarding promoting the movies and the way he wants faster results from his work and recognition for which he went to the CEO directly with his idea.Whereas Generation X in the workforce believes in bit-by-bit work, and achievement of results. They believe in following the protocol and are workaholics. They have a little handed-down view and are struggling hard to cope up with the f ast moving Gen Y. All these features are very well visible in Sarah. She believes in hierarchy and her role in the hierarchy. She understands the system of the work and follows it very religiously, works till late night keeping her personal life at bay. Clashes are bound to happen when these two generations come face to face.Both the generations would dislike the format of each early(a)s work. But when coming together at a workplace, differences have to be kept diversion and looked at the bigger picture. To do this both the generation need to understand and accept these differences, like in this case the way Josh by passed his direct head and met the CEO because of his hyper active demand for recognition and results shows his disregard for his boss and his team. Here, rather than meeting the CEO directly he could have explained his plan to Sarah with facts and figures, he could have dug more information regarding his idea to support his idea. This would have led to a collected w orkforce.On the other hand, Sarah could have given a thought about Joshs idea morebefore disregarding it completely with a counter argument. She could have discussed Joshs idea in detail and how it might help the company. While making her presentation she could have mentioned about Joshs idea and have given him the credit for it. This would have not only led to Joshs motivation and interest towards his work, it would have also led to his organization commitment, overall a very effective solution to the problem so mentioned.The management of the company is also working hard to influence the new and younger hires to get integrated to the team. Since all the company now-a-days have started to realize the difference amongst the generations they are working hard to bridge the generation whirl through training of both the generations and change magnitude the cohesiveness of the team.Hence, as a result for both the generation to work together, they need to understand the gap between th e two generations and deal with the problem in a calm and composed manner so as to avoid conflict.

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Behaviour Management

KIDS Positive Behaviour Man periodment Policy and procedures Policy 33 1. Context KIDS has the chase indemnity in place for positive behaviour management. In particular, it is recognised that some form of assist will be necessary where there are instances of behaviours which would in every family or group environs be considered unacceptable this policy provides guidance for use of appropriate and effective sanctions. This policy is supplemented by KIDS somatogenetic constraints and restraint policy and procedures. 2. General Positive behaviour management Policy 2. Philosophy KIDS believes that youngsterren flourish vanquish when their personal, complaisant and emotional needs are met and where there are clear developmentally appropriate aspect for their behaviour. KIDs aims to promote positive behaviour throughout its settings and to help the tykeren understand and revere the needs and rights of others. 2. 2 Aims and guidelines These guidelines chafe both the physical a nd emotional care of the child(ren) looked after. 1. all(prenominal) children have certain physical and emotional needs. The more or less obvious ones are warmth, comfort, adequate food and sleeping arrangements, cleanliness, exercise and rest as necessary.Some children with a hindrance may have additional physical needs, such as extra warmth, physical supports and equipment, special exercises or physiotherapy and medical requirements. 2. The emotional needs of all children include security, affection, consistent responses from those around them, a placeable routine (e. g. at bedtime and mealtimes), exceptions which are appropriate for their stage of development, and opportunities for playing and having fun and approval. 3. We expect our staff to be aware of these physical and emotional needs and, with the help of parents and KIDS staff to meet them for every child s/he cares for. . All children need to have limits set when their behaviour is non acceptable. If children feel se cure and understood, the incidents of fast behaviour are greatly reduced. Children rarely demonstrate inappropriate behaviour without good reason. It is the task of the prole to try and understand why a child is behaving in a particular way. 2. 3 inhibit use of sanctions Any sanction employ must be related to the childs age and level of catch, realistic and sensitive enforceable, and applied consistently.It is preferable, if possible, that there is continuity in the setting of limits and how behaviour is managed amid all those involved in the care of a child. 3. Positive behaviour management procedures Reasonable stairs must be taken at all times to ensure a healthy and unhurt environment. ply provide a role model for children, and the development of consistent attitudes to safety and good employ by staff should have a beneficial effect upon the children. Basic playground rules drawn up in consultation with the children -help ensure the service operates smoothly. There s hould be a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that promotes respect between all children and Playworkers. There should be a wide range of culturally appropriate activities and images on tap(predicate) to all the children. The team must be consistent in the methods they use, back each other up and support each other. Experiences should be shared and discussed at team meetings. Staff should challenge discriminatory comments (see KIDs anti bullying policy) and take positive action to overcome unacceptable behaviour.Strategies for dealing with this should be discussed with staff and, where appropriate, parents/carers. Staff should talk to children about their behaviour and consequences of nix behaviour. 4. Dealing with conflict 4. 1 Dealing with conflict principles All playgrounds aim to develop a safe environment in which children are encouraged to express themselves freely, and which fosters the social and emotional development of the children who come to the site. Conflicts do exc lude at times, and incidents need to be handled sensitively and consistently.Conflicts green goddess occur for various resons, including frustration, disruptive/uncooperative behaviour, lack of space, competition over equipment, bullying and teasing, and misunderstandings When conflicts do arise it is essential that Actions are taken to calm the children down, and to allow them to express how they are feeling in a way that is safe to other children. A positive, calm approach is maintained, both physically and verbally. Negative behaviour is not rewarded. The response to a situation should take account of the childs level of understanding/ability. Blame is not attributed to individuals in situations involving more than one child. The focus should always be on dealing with unacceptable behaviour, the children should never feel it is they who are unacceptable. 4. 2 Effective and appropriate sanctions The principles of effective sanctions are slackly that they should Be as informa l as possible, and not escalate. Be as balanced by rewards Be as near in time as possible to the offence, be relevant and understood, and be seen to be just. Follow from clear rules and explanations from the worker as to what is expected of the child.The following are examples of what sanctions may be used Reasonable defence of oneself from, or restraint of, a child who is lashing out. Holding firmly, but carefully, tramp be helpful to a younger child. If in the situation of any of these are likely to kick in to injury, it is sensible not to use them, and to cut what or may not be safe in relation to the childs disability. Shouting or clapping your hands, for example, as a distraction to a toddler in a dangerous situation. Withdrawal of sweets or special food/ drink treats, or TV, for a limited period the younger the child, the shorter the length of time this should continue.Sending a child to another way for a short period (but checking on them regularly whilst they are alone i s sensible and shows you are alleviate caring). Imposing closer supervision occuring the child with you. Keep balancing the sanctions with rewards (especially praise) for good behaviour, so that the negative cycle does not take over. Keep a record of problems and sanctions so that you can refer to it to keep an account of the childs progress and also for reasons of accountability is a complaint is made. It is sometimes necessary to physically retrain a child who is about to harm him/herself, others or property.For conditions and procedures applicable to physical restraint, beguile refer to KIDS Physical contact and restraint policy. All uses of physical restraint must be recorded. 4. 3 Examples of unacceptable sanctions The list below is intended as general guidance of sanctions that are unacceptable and is not inclusive. The omission of any particular practice does not imply that is it acceptable. Staff will have the opportunity to raise issues arising from their work, for dis cussion and clarification within supervision. Use corporal penalisation e. g. lapping, hitting a child with an implement (for example, a belt or slipper), throwing a missile, shaking, rough handling, squeezing, pushing and punching/ Impose a punishment which ridicules a child e. g. clothes which draw attention to them inappropriately, clothes which are too small or too large, pyjamas during the day, humiliating a child deliberately in front of others. Deny a child food or drink, or the normal ranges/he expects. Coerce a child to eat what you know s/he does not like and is not normally expected to eat. Deliberately frighten, intimidate, threaten or belittle a child, or lock her/ him in e. . a cupboard, bedroom, or send them to bed immoderately early. Restrict or withhold medication, which could be dangerous. Deprive a child of sleep. Involve the child in any physical contact, which is inappropriate in view of their history, which s/he might see as threatening or uncomfortable, or wh ich exposes the worker or child to the arousal of sexual feelings. Review This policy will be reviewed annually and if necessary adjusted to incorporate any changes to legislation include any improvements that may have been identified. Most recent review May 2008

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FAT file systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

FAT file systems - Essay Example send Allocation Tables (FAT) is of huge consequence to the users of Compact Flash (CF) because the indispensability of FAT type is different for the devices that are optimized with over 2.14 gigabytes (GB) of storage subject matter unlike those that require only 2.13 GB. This topic has gained huge importance specifically after the hard phonograph records application into the personal computers. This paper tends to create awareness among the camera users regarding the FAT through a comprehensive discussion of its history. Introduction The subject of this fair paper is the illustration of FAT File Systems. This white paper is directed at creating an understating among the users of camera regarding the File Allocation Tables, which are generally referred to as FAT. Because of the contrariety between the need of FAT type among different devices, Compact Flash (CF) users need to be prone a thorough understanding of the FAT so that they may be able t o make the set choice as per their device. The scope of this white paper is limited to the discussion of history of FAT File Systems along with a brief review of the relation of FAT with the Compact Flash (CF) devices which generate files with sizes up to 5+ mega pixels. This white paper first gives a comprehensive account of the historical background of FAT. This is followed by a review of the use of FAT File Systems in CF. Finally, the findings are concluded in the last section. History of FAT File System Development of FAT File System In February, 1976, during his stay at the Albuquerques Hilton Hotel spanning five days, a child known as Bill render who has gained immense fame for his contributions in the world of computer developed and coded FAT (Gilbert). FAT was designed for small disks and wide-eyed folder structures (Microsoft). Replacement of floppy disks with parallel-sided diskettes The original Personal Computers made use of floppy disks for carrying the selective in formation whose potentiality usually used to be 180 kilobytes. After the floppy disks, use of double-sided diskettes increased. The double-sided diskettes used to be double the capacity of the floppy disks and were up to 5 ? inches in size. The initial DOS developers indicated the relation of sectors to individual files as well as identified the vacant tables by creating tables with a view to organizing the data. As a resoluteness of this, the Operating System (DOS) was able to use the limited space on the double-sided diskettes to the maximum limit. at that place was no more the need of availability of a continuous series of sectors for saving the files. It was possible to break up the data for the files and distribute that everywhere in the double-sided diskette in an increasingly organized and sequenced fashion a process that is frequently referred to as fragmentation. Nevertheless, it was fortunate in those times to be able to keep the data in one diskette because one would n ot need to switch the diskettes in and out alternately time and again while the programs operation would continue. Selection of table length There are 768 sectors upon a diskette with a capacity of 360 KB. This required the table to be voluminous fair to middling in order to determine every single sector of the total of 768. There was also the requirement of some room for expansion because the developers were aware of the on-going creation of larger diskettes. Number of possible value permitted by the use of one byte per table did not exceed 512, so that would not practically serve the purpose. On the other hand, two bytes would waste the disk space by permitting 16384 entries. Thus, decision had to be made somewhere in between one and two bytes. So finally, table with the length of 12 bits that were equal to 1.5 bytes were chosen so that the usage of sectors on the first double-sided diskettes could be traced. As a result of this, 4096 possible values were permitted. Such a FAT table was able to deal with storage devices with the capacity as large as 2 GB provided that each entry

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Effect of Gradient on the Abundance of Ranunculus Repens Coursework

gist of Gradient on the Abundance of genus Ranunculus Repens - Coursework ExampleFirst action to betaken is to list the cause of the disease. This make me to study on the causes of the disease and what I found was that is caused by a plant called Ranunculus repens. This come to me and I had to do a project on this plant. This is because Ranunculus repens have both the negative and positivistic effects on the environment. One of the reasons that I chose to do a project on Ranunculus repens is because of its un jet property that rotter be used to treat musculoskeletal dis secernates. According to PFAF, chewing leaves of this plant bequeath answer in healing muscular pain. Therefore, my research can help us to understand the optimal conditions required for Ranunculus repens to grow so that higher yields of the plant can be obtained for its medicinal usage. The early(a) reason for choosing Ranunculus repens as a project is that it is thought to be poisonous for humans and anima ls if eaten saucily and I think this is something that we as humans should be aw ar of especially agriculturalists. According to Garden essential Ranunculus repens can cause diarrhea in sheep and cattle. Ranunculus repens depletes potassium in soil fashioning it inadequate for other plants. Therefore this particular plant is not suitable for grazing, especially cattle. My project can provide useful material for farmers about the plant e.g. where they mostly occur. Based on my project Farmers may decide not to graze their animals on a place where Ranunculus repens are most common in order to obtain higher meat yields. The farmers may also decide to manage their grassland to understate the growth of Ranunculus repens to avoid its noxious effect. An alternative reason for choosing this plant involves its unique and attractive food colour and structure. It is essential to preserve our remaining natural heritage for future generations. Wildlife and geological features are under ra ck from development, pollution, climate change and unsustainable land management. Therefore it is useful to study the important biological properties of the plants in order to maintain them e.g. by knowing their niche allow for help us to provide the best conditions viable for Ranunculus repens to survive and develop. Scientific background Ranunculus repens has many features that makes that makes it survive in its habitats. It grows well in wet environments as compared to its growth in dry conditions. Ranunculus repens competes for light, moisture and nutrients with other plants. This pressure has do it to have some adaptations to this environment. They are submerged in water making them lose diffusion pathways of getting group O between their roots and the atmosphere. This made roots to have elongated shoots that help them get oxygen from the atmosphere. Both leaves and the shoots come grow outward to the water surfaces to help the plant get oxygen from the air. Bodies of Ranu nculus repens are submerged in water. They strive to get oxygen, light and nutrients from the environment. They get light through their leaves that are growing to the water surfaces. This helps them to absorb light from the atmosphere and make their food through photosynthesis. The leaves also help them get oxygen from the environment. All these features have made wet conditions suitable for their survival. Hypothesis of this research is to identify the effects of land gradient on the growth of Ranunculus repens. Null Hypothesis - There will be no difference in the abundance of Ranunculus rep

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Organisation structured by product and organisation which is organised Assignment

Organisation twistd by product and organisation which is organised by function - Assignment Exampleis divided into three main divisions lighters, pens and razors, and Hewlett Packard that is divided into five main divisions image and printing group, personal system group, enterprise group, HP serve and finally HP financial serve (Biz/ed 2006 and Business case studies 2014).Each business structure has its advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages of product structured business includes specialization, accountability and clarity. Specialization allows every division to focus and concentrate on one line of product that is its own work. Accountability is an advantage because the structure makes it clear who is responsible for that department. pellucidity plays in where everybody knows not just their role but also the roles of others. On the other side fundamental law structure by product has down sides. Among the downsides are communication, rigidity and coordination. Such a structure encourages closed(a) communication that whitethorn lead to lack of focus. Due to the fact that departments are divided upon what they do, some may end up becoming resistant to change. This structure also makes coordination difficult as there is a big gap between the top and the bottom which may make coordination take too recollective (Biz/ed 2006).Structuring by function is simply done by dividing the organization into departments with similar specializations such as marketing, finance and accounts, human resources, and many others. The marketing department for instance will have marketers who are aerated the responsibility to market the companys products. This type of structure best suits companies that make standard goods and services in large quantities at prices that are considered low. Another characteristic is that they have a large score of formalization that leads to reliance by each function on standardized way ( 2010 and). An example of a bu siness with functional structure is ABC which has its departments divided into accounting department, corporate

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Family in Europe History Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Family in Europe History - Coursework ExampleSex was therefrom often considered to be simply a means of producing the future workers of the farm. In order to make certain(p) heirs would be born, premarital sex was not entirely frowned upon. If the girl became pregnant before marriage, it was proof that she was fatty and the marriage could be made official. The land had also become to a greater extent productive and new industries were born, creating a need for greater numbers of workers and forcing society to be both much lenient toward unwed mothers and more accepting of their children. Although laws had been written to prevent servants and unlanded peoples from marrying, this did not prevent them from engaging in sex with desired partners, thereby producing illegitimate children who were often welcomed into the household as future workers and guarantors that the farm or the industry would thrive. Individuals in poorer households loosely married for economic reasons and worked ha rd all day while practicing a general hands-off get to human relationships. People in the upper classes often took on lovers to excite them sexually because they were not limited by the same economic constraints and their time was not wholly devoted to sustenance and support.The bourgeois religion that began in the eighteenth century grew out of the marriage and sexual practices of the nobility class. Because marriage was seen as more of an economic arrangement, it was generally considered unwise to hamper it with excessive love at the same time that an esthetic appreciation for sex, with extramarital partners, was being developed. However, as industries began to move outside of the home and families began to live in next proximity to each other, emotional attachments became stronger and the idea of marrying for love rather than money began to take precedence. Because the family no overnight worked within a larger community of servants and siblings to maintain the family farm o r the tradesmans shop, they were

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DISCUSS THE NURSING ASSESSMENT AND forethought OF A PATIENT WITH HYPOGLYCAEMIA EMERGENCY - Essay Examplenerves, and blood vessels. Pancreas The pancreas is a gland that lies screw the stomach it is a compound gland with both exocrine and endocrine components. The endocrine component is secreted in the islets of Langerhans, and this comprises of two hormones, glucagon and insulin. Within the islets, there are beta cells that secrete insulin (A Dictionary of Nursing, 2003).Pathophysiology of Diabetes Diabetes results from deficient insulin secretion, decreased insulin action, or both. Many causative pathologic processes may be involved ranging from autoimmune destruction of beta cells of the pancreas to incompletely understood processes that result in insulin resistance. In both the mechanisms, there is strong evidence of a catching counterpart. Whatever may be the mechanism of injury, inadequacy of insulin leads to production of large volume of urine and spendthrift thirst. The ex cess sugar in the blood draws water, and the excess sugar starts appearing in urine, thereby leash to a loss of sugar in the urine. This results in weight loss, and the patient not only becomes thirsty, provided also hungry. (A Dictionary of Nursing, 2003). Types of Diabetes Mellitus Depending on the pathologic mechanism causing diabetes, diabetes has been classified into two types. One, where there is impregnable deficiency of insulin due to destruction of islet cells, so the patients are entirely dependent on insulin for counteracting this deficiency state. This usually starts in childhood or adolescence, and this is termed as IDDM or insulin-dependant diabetes mellitus or type 1 diabetes mellitus. The other, where there is insulin resistance and... hypoglycaemia n. cryptic Medical Dictionary. Oxford University Press, 2002. Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press.British Council Delhi.2 May 2007http// primary(prenominal)& entry=t60.e4784insulin n.Concise Medical Dictionary. Oxford University Press, 2002. Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press.British Council Delhi.2 May 2007http// n.A Dictionary of Nursing. Oxford University Press, 2003. Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press.British Council Delhi.2 May 2007http//

Is Honesty Always the Best Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Is truthfulness Always the Best Policy - Essay ExampleThe main character of the movie, Howard Prince, is a person who is contacted by his writer friend for a favor. The writer has been blacklisted from the television system studios and wants Howard to front for him in exchange for a commission. Howard presently finds out how lucrative it is, and contacts two more blacklisted writers to front. flush though Howard is being dishonest, and for monetary concerns not for all lofty ideals, it is noteworthy that this arrangement is beneficial to not only him, save to the unfortunately blacklisted writers and even for the television studio he sells the scripts to. In this scenario, it would be ill-considered to be honest, as the reason the writers are blacklisted is unsportsmanlike and unjust.The main character of the movie, Howard Prince, is a person who is contacted by his writer friend for a favor. The writer has been blacklisted from the television studios and wants Howard to fro nt for him in exchange for a commission. Howard soon finds out how lucrative it is, and contacts two more blacklisted writers to front. Even though Howard is being dishonest, and for monetary concerns not for any lofty ideals, it is noteworthy that this arrangement is beneficial to not only him, but to the unfortunately blacklisted writers and even for the television studio he sells the scripts to. In this scenario, it would be ludicrous to be honest, as the reason the writers are blacklisted is unfair and unjust.Another character in the movie, Hecky Brown, is slowly but surely blacklisted and he watches his whole career disintegrate down.