Friday, January 31, 2020

Business Process Analysis and Improvement Essay

Business Process Analysis and Improvement - Essay Example Seethamraju and Marjanovic (920) indicate that among other things increased competition, in shareholder requirements and new technologies are forcing organizations to make major changes very quickly. In TS’s case, customer requirements are driving these changes and BPM is required in order to respond appropriately. The CEO is not pleased with the current process and is concerned that the survival of the business is at stake. The recruitment process needs to be improved in order to make it faster, cheaper and more flexible as well as to achieve better quality results. The task is to investigate the process and analyze the current issues and provide well-argued proposals for the short-term and long-term future of the process. Only the first part of the process will be looked at and so the task is to carry out a detailed analysis of the coordination of the recruitment advertising and vacancy processing process. One of the aims is to ensure that information on job openings are kno wn early so that the process can be completed in an efficient and effective manner. As noted the primary goal of the recruitment process is fast processing time and high client satisfaction. The current recruitment process at TS is rather lengthy and comprehensive. The result is that the private sector gets the best candidate because their process is more efficient and effective. The following are some of the issues at TS which has been having a negative impact on the service that the organization offers. Instructions relating to the recruitment process should be applied on a consistent basis throughout the organization. Exceptions should only relate to jobs for which no specific qualifications are required. Updated instructions should be made available to all personnel to whom it is applicable. This requires updates to be done regularly as part of the continuous improvement process which is a feature of business process improvement.

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