Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Mobile Website Development Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Mobile Website Development - Assignment Example This assignment overviews the topic on mobile devices and talks about the development of a simple mobile website from a third party mobile website template. The difference in expectations of site users and their interaction varies from the site model, in that, website users can move in a pattern that is vertical. This movement tends to be side by side for mobile site users, that is, right for the next page and left to move back to the homepage. The screen resolution for mobile site users is far much smaller. This can make browsing from mobile phone to be a difficult experience. A content designed for the main site will not properly display on a mobile site browser hence the need for changes. On a blog site, it is difficult to access earlier posts as it is not possible to view all the parts of the site on a mobile phone or a small device. Images and page elements meant for main websites can look garishly on mobile phone devices, requiring the need for resizing to fit onto the mobile sites. Design elements like color sheds and contrast are less important, especially for mobile phones with small screens, as information clarity becomes the priority. The designed mobile website target audience is people interested in tourism businesses in Melbourne, Australia. The website is designed to increase accessibility by potential and existing tourists. A mobile website is designed to increase the daily traffic up to 20%. Mobile site users get to see websites that are mobile optimized first before they get to see the normal websites. This gives the mobile sites first priority over the main sites (Mehta, 2008). The fact that mobile phones are available everywhere and are highly portable poses a threat to the existence of use of main computer website access. Advantages and disadvantages of viewing a

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